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    Official: BMW and Samsung enter expanded battery agreement [w/video]

    What's good for the goose is good for the gander. In this case, the goose is BMW and the gander is Samsung. And their five-year plan has worked out well. The German automaker this week expanded its current agreement with the South Korean battery-making giant. BMW and Samsung SDI reached a ...

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    Report: Samsung files EV-related patents, could herald big bet on electric vehicles

    Samsung isn't talking, but a number of the South Korean electronics giant's recent patents are speaking volumes. The company has filed a number of patents for technology that could be used in electric vehicles, making many wonder if the company, which already makes batteries for plug-in vehicles, ...

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    Read This: Tesla on pace to use more batteries than computer industry by 2017

    Tesla Motors chief Elon Musk is on a crusade to, among other things, rid drivers of the need to consume liquid fuel for their automotive transportation. Sounds easy, right? But it's the lithium-ion battery cell supply situation that's another story altogether. See, Tesla is ramping up production ...

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    Report: Tesla turning to Samsung SDI for batteries, Panasonic pumps up the volume

    Tesla Motors has, over its short life, sourced its batteries pretty much exclusively from Panasonic. Now that sales of the Model S are blowing up – expected to be in excess of 21,000 units this year, with production ability increasing to potentially double that – and the company's ...

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    Report: Li-ion battery makers accused of price-fixing in lawsuit

    Hell hath no fury like a mobile-phone owner scorned. In this case, LG, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony are among lithium-ion battery makers that have been subject to at least 10 class-action lawsuits alleging that the manufacturers engaged in price-fixing practices to keep prices up, the New Jersey ...

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    Official: Bosch, Samsung dissolving SB LiMotive battery partnership

    After four years of partnering with Samsung SDI on lithium-ion battery production, Bosch apparently wants to go it alone. SB LiMotive, the Bosch-Samsung SDI joint-venture created to produce lithium-ion batteries for electric-drive vehicles, will be dissolved once its current contract obligations ...

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    Official: Plug-in Renault Samsung SM3 compact coming to Korea in 2013

    Renault Samsung Motors will debut a plug-in compact vehicle in Korea next year as part of the Renault-Nissan Alliance's efforts to expand electric-drive sales to more geographic areas. The plug-in will be a battery-electric version of Renault Samsung's SM3 compact and ... that's about all we ...

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    Bosch-Samsung-SAIC finalizing plans for li-ion battery production facility in China

    Chinese-based Shanghai Automotive Industrial Corporation (SAIC) is looking to strike a three-way lithium-ion battery deal with Samsung SDI and Robert Bosch GmbH. The trio is reportedly in advanced discussions and there are only a few minor details left to work out. Bosch executive vice president ...

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    "Lithium-ion battery prices may tumble 19 percent in 2010" (or how 'bout 25%?)

    According to a report from Bloomberg, a looming price cut stemming from oversupply in the rechargeable battery industry, may make electric vehicles more affordable, but could drive small-scale lithium-ion battery producers right out of the market. Panasonic Corp. and Samsung SDI Co., the world's ...

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    Volkswagen reconfirms EVs for 2013, next-generation vehicles to reduce weight

    Speaking outside its Electronics Research Lab in Palo Alto, CA, Volkswagen chairman Dr. Martin Winterkorn reconfirmed the automaker's commitment to bring electric vehicles to market in 2013, beginning with the eGolf compact and eUp! city car. Drawing a faint parallel to the original Beetle, ...

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    VW adds Bosch-Samsung and LG Chem to list of potential battery suppliers

    Volkswagen e-up! concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    As the old saying goes, you can never have too much of a good thing. Well, if you happen to be Volkswagen, then the translation would be, there's no such thing as too many potential battery suppliers. VW has already discussed ...

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    Samsung and Bosch to put $409 million into SB LiMotive battery plant

    SB Li Motive, the Bosch Samsung lithium ion battery joint venture, has announced that it will put $409 million into its manufacturing facilities over the next five years. The company has big plans, hoping to grab nearly a third of the automotive battery market by mid-decade. Bosch is the biggest ...

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    Hyundai investing $3.3 billion in green technologies by 2013

    Hyundai Avante LPI Hybrid - Click for high-res image gallery
    Korean automaker Hyundai knows how it can meet South Korea's upcoming new emissions and fuel efficiency legislation: by spending $3.3 billion between now and 2013. About $1.8 billion of that figure will be dedicated to the development of ...

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    Ener1 get factory, engineering help with acquisition of Enertech Intl

    Ener1, the company behind Th!nk battery supplier, Enerdel, has just bought an 83 per cent majority stake of conveniently-named Enertech International. The South Korean lithium-ion battery maker was part of the Saehan Group, which was spun out of the Samsung Group. The company has a facility in ...

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    Bosch-Samsung JV, SB LiMotive Co. Ltd officially starts operations

    On Monday September 1, SB Li Motive Co. officially went into business with the goal of producing automotive grade lithium ion batteries by 2011. The company is a joint venture between Bosch and Samsung SDI. Samsung SDI already has experience with consumer electronics batteries and Bosch will work ...

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    Green light for Bosch and Samsung's joint venture for battery development

    In a brief press release (which you can find pasted after the jump) Bosch and Samsung have confirmed they have received the green light from German authorities to work on their project to produce lithium-ion batteries. The joint venture, called SB LiMotive Co. Ltd., will start work next month. ...

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    Renault gets slapped with a "green award" for its first SUV

    Renault decided to enter the SUV (or SAV or Crossover, one can't be so sure about labels anymore) market this year with the Koleos. Co-developed and produced at Samsung Motors in South Korea, the Koleos is a not-too-distant relative of the Nissan Rogue. French automakers are quite fond of being the ...


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