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    Autoextremist doesn't love scooters

    Click on the image above for high-resolution shots of the Aprilia Scarabeo 200There is a certain amount of truth to Peter M. De Lorenzo's latest rant regarding the recent trend of record scooter sales in the United States. For instance, while we often report on the fuel savings of the average ...

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    Photo evidence: Celebs ride on scooters

    Click on the image to see more celebrity scooter ridersThe list of celebrities driving hybrids - the Toyota Prius especially - is rather long and seems to be growing every day. There's another list, though, which shows that celebs often enjoy life on two wheels. The choice of transportation for ...

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    Yamaha adds scooter fuel mileage estimates to its website

    Yamaha is not the first manufacturer to tout the fuel efficiency of its line of scooters, but it is the first to go so far as to list the estimated fuel mileage on each of its website's product pages. Scooter riders will be happy to see that Yamaha is claiming 124 miles per gallon from its Zuma, ...

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    High gas prices causing scooter "grudge purchases"

    Click on the image above for high-resolution shots of the Aprilia Scarabeo 200There's a new term to add to your vehicular lexicon: the grudge purchase. This phenomenon usually occurs shortly after pumping gasoline into your SUV and the inevitable large outlay of cash which follows. Scooter shops ...

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    Indian bike makers working on natural gas options in response to Tata Nano

    Motorcycle, scooter and moped manufacturers in India are worried. Since Tata announced their ultra-cheap Nano, the two-wheeled industry is abuzz with worry that the populace will quickly abandon their old single-track vehicles for the safety and convenience of a four-wheeler if the price points get ...

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    Italy plans to pay riders to replace their old scooters with new ones

    Italy is a bastion for cool old scooter finds, as classic manufacturers such as Piaggio, Vespa and Lambretta were born and bred there. These classic scooters include striking and beautiful design aesthetics as well as solid construction methods. Also in their favor are decades of sentimental ...

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    Rumormill: LML to produce Vespa PX clones with 4 stroke engines?

    A few years ago, Bajaj stopped making their Chetak and Legend scooters, and since then there has been a dinstinct lack of any steel-bodied, manual transmission, 4-stroke scooters on the market. Genuine Scooters has begun selling their Stella scooter again after a short absence and Vespa themselves ...

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    Iraqis riding scooters for the same reasons as everybody else

    This might be obvious, of course, but the circumstances and changes in Iraq have made its citizens more careful about using gasoline. The NYT has published a very nice article on how the perception of Iraqis towards oil has changed, when once it was even cheaper than bottled water.To start, Iraqis ...

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    Video: Scooters invade Chicago!

    NBC5scooterUploaded by 2strokebuzzHere is a cool little video courtesy of 2 Stroke Buzz, a great site for scooter-related news and stories. The video comes from NBC 5 in Chicago, and according to them, "High gas prices and a commitment to the environment have spiked scooter sales." Sure enough, ...

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    Is it time for you to take a fresh look at scooters? Check out the new Piaggio Carnaby.

    With the growing (literally) problem of traffic in large cities and metropolitan areas, many are taking a fresh look at scooters as a viable form of transportation. Why? Simple, really. No, really... that's it: they are a simple way to get around. Not only do they pollute less than our cars and ...

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    Scooters could help reduce CO2 emissions in New York City

    The Piaggio Group of Italy has commissioned a new study conducted by the Sam Schwartz Engineering consultancy on the effects of increased motor scooter use in New York City. The engineering company created computer simulation models of a section of midtown Manhattan and examined different traffic ...

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    Photo Gallery: When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Drive small cars.

    I met a guy at the Motor Trend Community Forum who recently took a trip to Rome. While he was there, he took many pictures, and many of them were in an attempt to find the smallest cars in Rome that people actually drive. Look at the Gallery, you will see some classics like the Fiat 500, and some ...

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    Scooter and bike sales going gangbusters

    One of the options for saving fuel does not involve spending lots of money on hybrid vehicles, or brewing your own biodiesel in your garage. Using a bike is clearly going to save a ton of fuel, but even a scooter will put a good dent in your gas bill. The Utah News reports motorcycle, scooter and ...


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