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    Official: EVs, hybrids finding a home in Scottish Car Clubs

    Car clubs in Scotland are getting some electric love from their government. The UK is putting £1,000,000 ($1.7 million US) of new funding toward electric vehicles, specifically encouraging the clean growth of car clubs Scotland. Those funds are expected to provide as many as 30 additional ...

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    Report: Scotland plans to go electric, ban gas-burners by 2050

    When the Scottish government says it wants to clean up the air in its cities, it's not just blowing smoke up your kilt. Aye, laddie – or lassie, as the case may be – a newly released plan, called Switched On Scotland: A Roadmap to Widespread Adoption of Plug-in Vehicles (PDF), ...

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    Report: Edinburgh enacts 20-mph speed limit to encourage bike-riding

    Sammy Hagar won't be visiting Edinburgh anytime soon. The "I Can't Drive 55" rocker would undoubtedly be aghast by the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, and its plan to enforce a speed limit of 20 miles per hour throughout most of its residential and busier commercial districts, all for the sake of ...

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    Report: Mazda skewers EV technology with overseas CX-5 launch

    Mazda recently may have made the coolest car commercial in history by backing its pitch for SkyActiv technology with Bo Diddley's "Road Runner" (see here), so we're leaning toward forgiving them for this one. The Japanese automaker, as part of the international marketing launch of its CX-5 ...

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    Nissan Leaf powered by... single malt scotch?

    Seeing cars powered by alcohol is nothing new. After all, that's what ethanol is. But as expensive as gasoline might get, fueling a car on single malt scotch would be more wasteful than lighting your cigar with a hundred-dollar bill. Yet that's just what one Mark Reynier is doing. Well, almost, ...

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    Cheers! Scottish researchers turn whiskey into butanol (sort of)

    Drinking and driving is a bad idea, but drinking to help put fuel in the tank? That's worth looking into. Researchers at Edinburgh Napier University in the Scotland have come up with a new biobutanol development process that uses the whiskey by-products pot ale and draff. Pot ale, says the BBC, ...

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    New lithium battery from Axeon nearly doubles Modec range

    How do you make your stock price jump by two-thirds in today's economic atmosphere? If you are Axeon, Europe's largest independent supplier of lithium ion battery packs, you announce your new battery nearly doubles the range of your customer's trucks. After completing a Department of ...

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    Donald Trump to give away hundreds of electric Smart cars

    Gajillionaire Donald Trump wants to spend £1 billion ($2,005,048,751.80) building the world's largest golf resort. It would feature two golf courses along with a 5-star hotel on 1,400 acres of "spectacular sand dunes" at Balmedie Beach in northeast Scotland. Not surprisingly, there is some ...

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    Glasgow council orders 320 Polo BlueMotion vehicles

    This is the largest order to date for the Polo BlueMotion: 320 Polos have been ordered by Glasgow, Scotland city council. The vehicles were judged on parameters including fuel efficiency, viability for every day use, comfort and value for money and are destined for everyday council work. This Polo ...

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    Networks to reuse cooking oil for biodiesel production

    Seriously: what do you do with your leftover cooking oil? Most people just pour it down the drain (not pointing any fingers, here). This is quite bad for a couple of reasons: first because it can affect waste water treatment plants and second because a potential fuel is lost. We have written a lot ...


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