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    Report: Washington State governor signs pro-Tesla bill

    Maybe Tesla should build its proposed gigafactory in the Evergreen State. Last week, Washington Govermor Jay Inslee signed a bill that will allow Tesla to keep selling its electric vehicles through its showrooms and not have to work through third-party dealerships, Automotive News says. That ...

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    Official: Seattle votes against app-based ridesharing companies like Lyft, Uber [UPDATE]

    Lyft, Uber and other peer-to-peer ride-sharing start-ups are looking pretty hapless in Seattle. That's because the Emerald City is imposing driver limits on each service in a move that the companies say is geared to protect legacy taxicab companies, Techcrunch reports. In short, the city council ...

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    Video: Washington State, Ecotality lags far behind EV charging station goal

    Washington State is trying to be one of the leading states for both electric-vehicle adoption and charging-station availability. Trouble is, the state is about 75 percent behind on the public charging-station goal it set for the end of 2011, Seattle-based King 5 reports in the video ...

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    Report: AAA brings first fast-charging roadside assistance truck to Seattle

    Sleepless in Seattle? Sure. Helpless in Seattle? Not if you're a plug-in vehicle driver with AAA. Washington State's largest city was the recipient of the first Level 3 roadside EV-charging truck from the American Automobile Association, Plug In Cars reports. AAA estimates that the emergency ...

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    Report: Nissan Leaf self-reports battery problem with Carwings, surprising driver

    Nissan is putting a new spin on the term "Smart car." Best known as Daimler AG's two-seat minicar badge, the adjective can also be used to describe one particular Seattle-area Nissan Leaf. Owner Rob Greenlee was notified by his local Nissan dealer that his 2011 Leaf had an issue with one of its ...

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    Official: Car2go comes to Seattle; now operating in eight North American cities

    Car2go North America is continuing to roll out across the US, this time in Seattle, with a network of 330 Smart Fortwo cars available for shared use 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Registration for membership is open now here. Car2go, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Daimler, bases its carsharing ...

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    Official: Washington gets 10 EV charging stations between Seattle, Canadian border

    Different groups may be arguing about who's going to provide electric-vehicle charging stations along California highways but, a couple states north, they seem to have that issue figured out. The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) and EV-charging-station maker AeroVironment ...

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    City of Seattle buys 35 Nissan Leafs; pays more now to save in the long term

    Seattle officials say they've scrounged up the money to purchase nearly three dozen electric vehicles, but at $30,000-plus a pop, the 35 Nissan Leafs will set the city back more than $1 million by the end of 2012. The city says the Leafs will join its regular fleet of vehicles and that since ...

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    San Francisco vs. Portland in an Electric Car Race of a different sort [w/VIDEO]

    Electric vehicles in San Francisco vs. Portland - Click above to watch the video after the break
    While the Auto X Prize is working on making an actual clean vehicle race take place in the U.S. sometime soon, Gas 2.0 is putting together a "race" between U.S. cities to see which of them can get an ...

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    Seattle mayor wants his city to be on bleeding edge of EVs

    Seattle mayor Greg Nickels is a fan of electric vehicles and wants his constituents to feel the same way. In recent months, the Pacific Northwest city has signed a deal with Nissan to be one of the first locations to get its upcoming electric vehicles and Nickels wants to rapidly build out an ...

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    World Electric Vehicle Association recognizes Seattle for sustainability efforts

    The city of Seattle has made a lot of progress toward encouraging sustainable transportation in the Pacific Northwest. In recognition of these efforts, the World Electric Vehicle Association will be presenting its E-Visionary award to Seattle mayor Greg Nickels on Friday. The Osaka prefecture in ...

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    Nissan and Seattle partner up for electric cars

    Nissan EV-02 - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    You know the drill: Renault-Nissan makes an announcement about a new partnership to build an electric vehicle charging infrastructure and says it will begin testing their EVs in that location. Today's spot on the map? Seattle. The city's ...

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    Disappointing results - just 51 mpg - for converted PHEV Priuses in Seattle

    Nearly a year ago the city of Seattle started a field test of 14 Toyota Priuses converted to plug-in hybrid capability. At the time, the expectation was that the cars would top 100 mpg overall and 150 mpg in urban driving. The problem is that these PHEVs, like all other hybrids, are particularly ...

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    Seattle gets a bit zippier thanks to ZipCar

    The latest city to jump on the carsharing band wagon is Seattle. The city has signed up with ZipCar to provide on-demand short term car rentals in the hopes that more of the city's 10,500 employees (Seattle has 10,500 employees?) will access the cars when needed for city business. Sixty ZipCars ...

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    Imperium faces new setback with loss of major contract

    It's been a tough year or so for Imperium Renewable. Imperium, the force behind one of America's largest biodiesel plants, is a Seattle-area company that was hit with a lawsuit from a former employee this spring. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer details the many other problems facing Imperium: a ...

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    In Seattle, a drive to get folks to ditch driving

    Photo Credit: Chethan Shankar | Creative Commons 2.0The Seattle city government is looking for residents to part ways with their cars via the One Less Car Challenge. The idea's pretty straightforward: interested parties must register (spots are limited) and agree to give up their car for either one ...

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    Get schooled on building your own electric vehicle

    Are looking for a project to keep you busy this summer? Have you always wanted to have your own electric car to go along with your solar panels? You don't want to wait for the Volt and the Tesla is too pricey? Perhaps you can build one yourself. What's that? You don't know anything about converting ...

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    Zipcar/Flexcar merger: the bad news from Seattle

    Erica Barnett, someone with car-sharing experience, writes in The Stranger that the Zipcar takeover merger with Flexcar isn't going quite as smoothly as she'd like. A big Flexcar fan, Barnett says that the more corporate feel of Zipcar has left car sharers in Seattle (Flexcar's home town) paying ...

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    Mayor of Seattle wants taxis to be hybrids

    Seattle is a city that seems to have it all. A great nightlife, lots of places to get coffee, amazing weather that Space Needle thing. What it doesn't have is a whole lot of hybrids in its taxi fleet. Sure, it has a few schlepping folks to and from Sea-Tac but that's about it. Mayor Greg Nickels ...

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    Friday Humor: When was the last time you were urged to "ride the SLUT"

    Considering the fact that we just highlighted a report which brought to light just how long each of us tends to sit in traffic each day, using an alternative form of transportation - such as a bus or trolley - is an extremely attractive option. Because of this fact, many urban locations are ...


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