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    Exclusive: AltCar 2011: Trexa Enertube is waiting for you

    The Trexa has evolved. First unveiled as a skateboard-like concept platform in 2010, the latest version of the Enertube was on display at the 2011 AltCar Expo this past weekend, along with a few ideas for how this battery-powered cylinder with wheels could be used (see gallery for those ...

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    New details emerge on BMW's 2013 Megacity vehicle

    BMW Megacity – Click above for high-res image
    British car mag Autocar has more technical details on the construction of the 2013 BMW Megacity electric vehicle. As we learned last month, the Megacity reverts back to a body-on-frame construction technique that most automakers have abandoned ...

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    A human-powered Ferrari for under 200 bucks

    Click above for photo galleryWell, what did you expect, an F430 Scuderia? In fairness, you'll get around the city or your college campus a lot easier with this. It's the Ferrari skateboard, available from the Ferrari Store, where you can buy everything short of hemorrhoid medicine emblazoned with ...

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    Meet the iSlide, a Segway-like skateboard concept

    digg_url = ''; No too long ago, we showed you a one-wheeled machine that used accelerometers and a gyroscope to interpret your body movements into motion. That DIY machine was operated on the same principles as the Segway. Here is another ...

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    It's Friday: 30 MPH on an electric skateboard

    digg_url = ''; Weight is an important factor to consider when choosing a vehicle. So, while we admire the electric razor scooter, the lightest vehicle is probably the electric skateboard. The skateboard saves on weight by ...

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    Futurecar report on the GM "Skateboard" car on YouTube

    Discovery channel has been running a four part series called FutureCar for the past few weeks and one of the segments focused on the GM Skateboard chassis that was first shown a few years back, featuring fuel cell power and complete by-wire controls. A variation of the Skateboard is used on the ...


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