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smart ebike

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    Official: Smart electric scooter going on sale in 2014

    The ForTwo company is giving us two ForOnes. After releasing details on its ebike, Daimler's Smart division has announced it will start selling a battery-electric scooter in 2014. Smart first unveiled the escooter along side its electric-powered bike at the Paris Motor Show in September 2010 ...

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    Detroit: Smart GM Tracey Matura: we're the brand that asks "Why not?"

    The Smart booth at this year's Detroit Auto Show features more than the iconic Fortwo. There is the For-Us pick-up concept, of course, and the Smart e-bikes that we first saw in Paris in 2010. New Smart USA general manager Tracey Matura said that this is all intentional, because all these things ...

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    Paris 2010: Smart escooter and ebike roll in

    Smart escooter concept – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Envision a Smart fortwo after some extensive reworking. Start by lopping off the body, dropping two wheels, slicing it down to the bare essentials required for urban mobility and then electrify it. Once you do all this, you ...


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