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southern california

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    Official: Daimler's Car2go carsharing service expands to Los Angeles

    The Beach Boys typified the Southern California lifestyle by famously singing about hot rods, drag races and convertibles (not to mention surfer girls). So we never would've guessed that their hometown would help host a carsharing service featuring squat two-seaters. But times have ...

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    What to expect on the Nissan Leaf drive electric tour

    Nissan Leaf drive electric tour – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We first reported about the Nissan Leaf drive electric tour back in September and it is now well underway. We had the pleasure of attending the Anaheim event this past weekend and thought it appropriate to share some ...

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    Electric Power Research Institute joins Escape PHEV test program

    Ford's test program for the Escape plug-in hybrid is expanding beyond the original partnership with Southern California Edison (SCE). The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) will join the program, setting up a group of utilities in the New York-New Jersey area that will also participate in the ...

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    Children who spend time near roads more likely to develop asthma

    As the good Rev. Lovejoy's wife often pleads, won't someone think of the children? Turns out, green car enthusiasts look out for children's health every day. Biodiesel, as we mentioned last week, has lower emissions than regular diesel. And this helps the children.The Great Lakes Radio Consortium ...


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