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    Study: Start-stop coming to 8 million vehicles in North America by 2017

    We know that start-stop technology – which shuts down a car's engine when the car comes to a halt – is going to be available in more and more vehicles. BMW, Mercedes and Porsche already have the technology on non-hybrid vehicles and Jaguar and Kia will introduce it soon. Ford, too, is ...

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    Official: Ford prices 2013 Fusion start-stop option at $295

    When the 2013 Ford Fusion goes on sale this fall, it will be the first mid-size family sedan in North America to be offered with start-stop technology. But since not all buyers are open to the idea of having their engines turn off at stop lights to save fuel, Ford will be offering it as optional ...

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    Geneva: 2012 Volvo V40 takes aim at A3, 1 Series

    With the S40 gone and the C30 on its way out the door, Volvo has a few holes in its line that Audi and BMW are happy to fill with the all-new A3 and 1 Series, respectively. Enter the V40, a five-door hatch that's one of the most attractive designs from Sweden since the Ikea Skürg. It's a ...

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    Ford expanding start-stop technology to non-hybrid models

    Given the multifaceted approach to making more efficient vehicles favored by Ford, an automaker that employs everything from EcoBoost to hybrids, pure electrics to less thirsty gas models – it's not that surprising to learn that the company is announcing that it is expanding use of ...

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    PSA Peugeot Citroën's e-HDi Start-Stop System will use Boostcap ultracapacitors

    Continental AG has teamed up with Maxwell Technologies to make their booster module more convenient and efficient. Called an E-booster, the new module is part of PSA Peugeot Citroën's mild-hybrid system, called e-HDI. Maxwell technologies is supplying their Boostcap ultracapacitors to ...

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    IBM wants to control your car at stoplights - 1984, here we come

    No one is saying start-stop technology like the kind found in electric and hybrid vehicles isn't a great idea. We just told you about how BMW's 320d EfficientDynamics model is able to squeeze over 1000 miles out of a tank of diesel in part due to start-stop tech, for example. It's awesome, no ...

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    Another eco option for Brazilians: Citron Xsara Picasso Eco

    It seems that it's not just Europeans who are getting green (or blue) labels for virtually every model of the road. We recently reported that Volkswagen has taken the BlueMotion badge to Brazil and that the Smart fortwo is being put on sale there. Well, it looks like Citroën has had the same ...

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    Bosch delivers 500,000 auto start/stop starters

    German automotive supplier Bosch has announced that it has provided nearly half a million start/stop systems for BMW and Mini since launching the system. Bosch also announced that three additional manufacturers will introduce its technology withing the next few months. If you didn't know, ...

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    Renault will bring start-stop to all European models by 2010

    Considering all of the work that Renault is doing with fuel cells and pure electric vehicles, it can be slightly deflating to remember that there are still a lot of gas-using vehicles to be sold before those alternatives are available. The good news, out today from Automotive News Europe (subs ...

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    PSA goes further in downsizing engines

    We already mentioned PSA's plans to downsize engines in an effort to improve fuel efficiency. The French company will showcase the progress its making during PREDIT (National Program for Terrestrial Transport Innovation), which is taking place this week in Paris. PSA will show a prototype ...

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    Why yes, people would enjoy stop-start engine technology

    Micro hybrid. Start-stop. Whatever we call it, people like it. The micro hybrid system, currently available in cars like the Smart fortwo and through aftermarket suppliers like Ricardo, is preferred by three out of four drivers, the UK's Motorpoint car supermarket group found in a recent survey. ...

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    Citroen preparing new C4, with plenty of green features

    French motor magazine l'Auto Journal has published pictures of the prototype of the new C4 that is coming in 2010. Besides the new styling themes, which eliminate parallel lines, the new model is built on the same platform as the current C4 and with similar proportions. Interviewed by French ...

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    Mercedes refreshes the B-Class with start-stop, CNG, improved diesels

    Click the Mercedes B-Class for a high res galleryThe Mercedes Benz B-Class is still at least three years away from a complete redesign, so Chrysler's former overlords have decided to give it a thorough refresh. The new B-Class doesn't look significantly different but it has a host of mechanical ...

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    Chrysler VP says company will add start/stop system to some models

    Following the public introductions of the Dodge Durango and Chrysler Aspen with the Two-Mode Hybrid system last week in Los Angeles, Chrysler executive VP for Product Development Fran Klegon spoke to Automotive News. Klegon reiterated some things that he has said on several previous occasions, ...

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    Bosch introduces new start-stop system

    At the Geneva Motor Show this week a number of car-makers, including BMW, Daihatsu, Lotus and others, either showed or talked about cars equipped with start-stop systems to help improve fuel economy and emissions. Basically, the idea of start-stop is give some of the benefit of a hybrid at minimal ...


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