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    Official: Tesla expands li-ion battery deal with Panasonic, Supercharger network

    Tesla Motors is on the move today, announcing an expanded deal with Panasonic for more and better lithium-ion automotive batteries as well as progress on the US Supercharger network. To go along with the Supercharger news – which is all about the West Coast – Tesla is taking a ...

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    Official: Tesla looking at Chrome, Android update for Model S; big Supercharger network in Germany

    There's even more to digest from the Elon Musk speech in Germany video that's been making the rounds this week. Our original post mentioned the highlights of an Autobahn performance package for the Tesla Model S and Tesla CEO Musk's distaste for hydrogen fuel cells. Then we took a look at the new ...

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    Video: Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Fuel cells are 'so bullsh*t'

    Elon Musk is unafraid to speak his mind. Whether he's talking about other players in the electric vehicle space or sub-par reporting from The New York Times, this is a man with few filters. To further illustrate this point we need look no further than yesterday's address to an enthusiast crowd at ...

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    Official: Tesla Model S EVs have driven 3.2M miles on Supercharger power

    How much do Tesla Model S owners like driving for free? A lot, apparently. Since unveiling the Tesla-only fast charging system almost exactly a year ago, over three million miles have been put on Tesla EVs thanks to Supercharging. Tesla announced today that, "More than 3.2 million miles have been ...

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    Report: Tesla Supercharger deployment lagging

    Elon Musk and his Tesla Motors may be receiving kudos from everyone ranging from equity investors to Time magazine to crash-test regulators to the wealthy car-buying public, but one auto writer in the Northeast is taking the electric-vehicle maker to task for not deploying its Supercharger ...

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    Official: Tesla Superchargers deployed in Norway

    To paraphrase the classic Beatles song, Tesla is bringing about a bit of Norwegian Good. The California-based maker of the all-electric Model S has started deploying its Supercharger recharging network across Norway. Tesla has dropped the stations in Lyngdal, Aurland, Dombås, Gol, ...

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    Report: Elon Musk's Tesla Model S electric road trip: 5 kids, 3,200 miles, 9* hours of charging

    With his legions of vociferous fans, there has been no bigger champion for the electric vehicles from Tesla Motors than the man at the helm, Elon Musk. Musk's latest promotional event to prove the power of EVs will be a cross-country drive in a Model S, using the rapidly growing network of ...

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    Report: Can Tesla Superchargers get half-refill time down to 5 minutes?

    Yes, according to an interview MIT Technology Review conducted with Tesla Motors technology chief JB Straubel. That fill-'er-up kind of timeframe may not happen in a year or two, but the maker of the battery-electric Model S will try to cut down the recharging time of the 120-kilowatt ...

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    Video: Tesla Model S battery swap takes just 90 seconds, will track your old battery pack

    We'll link to this 2009 post up front, just to make sure everyone's clear that the fact that a Tesla EV can, indeed, do battery swaps is old news. Yes, four years ago, we learned the all-electric Model S was designed with battery swaps in mind. Or, as Tesla CEO said tonight, "We designed Model S ...

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    Video: Tesla's Elon Musk gets emotional over NADA during shareholder meeting, will make next big announcement June 20

    Elon Musk, the co-founder and CEO of Tesla Motors, is very passionate about the electric vehicle company he runs. If ever there was any doubt, it was erased yesterday during the yesterday's shareholder meeting. Now, this California upstart does many things differently than traditional ...

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    Official: Tesla Supercharger network goes nationwide, gets quicker [w/video]

    For Model S drivers, Tesla Motors' oft-delayed Supercharger announcement was worth the wait. The electric vehicle company today explained how it will expand its network of high-speed electric vehicle charging stations across North America (and hinted that the technology will come to Europe and ...

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    Chreos EV wildly overpromises with 600-mile range, 640 hp and 10-minute charging [w/video]

    Check it out: according to Silex Power, it's a force of nature," a "fluid form... the pinnacle of technological innovation. It's the epitome of elegance and luxury, a synopsis of the superior class... the most technologically vehicle ever conceived. It's the dawn of a new era in electric mobility ...

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    Read This: Is free charging for EVs actually a hindrance, long term?

    The days of free public charging for electric vehicles may soon be coming to an end, despite there being a lot of it out there right now, whether solar powered or as an incentive deal when buying the EV. Plug In Car's European correspondent Laurent Masson, though, is looking ahead and is making ...

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    Video: Fan-made Tesla Model S commercial shines down "gallons of light"

    It's not subtle, but what commercial is? A new, one-minute video called Gallons Of Light does an expert job highlighting the invisible benefits of electric drive: getting energy from sunlight while roadtripping in a Tesla Model S. It may look and sound top-notch, but this is not an official ...

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    Tesla Model S road trip arrives safely in NYC

    Kudos to Peter, Tina and Luba! After nearly 5,000 miles, they made it from Portland, OR to New York City in a Tesla Model S. One of the team tweeted upon arrival: "If I can make it here, I can make it anywhere and we made it! Electric Road Trip S successfully finished in NYC, final mileage ...

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    Tesla Model S goes road tripping, drivers experience variety of charging methods

    The Tesla Model S is on another cross country road trip. It's not being driven by a Tesla team, like last year – this time it's a long, winding tour for old friends Peter, Luba and Tina, making their way from Portland, OR, to New York. It's been a sightseeing drive – as of day six, ...

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    Report: Tesla powers up East Coast with first stops in new Supercharger network

    The argument can now be made that Tesla Motors has come up with a sleeker alternative to the Amtrak lines that run along the Eastern Seaboard. The California-based electric vehicle company has installed the first East Coast fast-charging stations, allowing Model S owners to make the 450-mile trek ...

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    Report: Why SAE Combo vs. CHAdeMO battle could be a big problem

    Electric-vehicle drivers are bracing for a battle that could make Obama-Romney look like the Tennessee Waltz. The various automakers behind two incompatible plug-in standards for electric vehicle fast-charging stations are championing their own system as the better of the two just as global EV ...

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    Report: Tesla declares October 19 "Supercharging day"

    Highway etiquette states that slower moving vehicles stay to the right. Those slowpokes may want to stay off California highways altogether this Friday. That's because Tesla Motors has declared October 19 as "Supercharging Day," when the electric-vehicle maker's first six fast chargers will be ...

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    Official: Ecotricity expanding clean-energy, fast-charging network with Nissan

    Telsa Motors just rolled out the first of it solar-powered Supercharger network in the U.S., but Ecotricity is challenging the California automaker in setting up long-distance charge points the UK through its relationship with Nissan. Nissan is installing its fast-charge points at strategic ...


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