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sustainability report

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    Official: Ford cuts production emissions by 37% per vehicle since 2000

    Ford has used efficiency gains related to water use, waste and painting processes to cut its factory emissions per produced vehicle by 37 percent between 2000 and 2012. The US automaker, in its 14th annual Sustainability Report, adds that more changes are in store that will allow an additional ...

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    Official: Ford's sustainability efforts include big energy consumption drop

    Ford may be taking small steps when it comes to electric-vehicle sales, but it says it's taking leaps in other areas of environmental protection. In its 13th annual sustainability report, Ford said that it reduced energy use per vehicle by 22 percent in the past six years and will cut energy ...

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    Official: GM's sustainability report highlights conservation efforts

    General Motors met many of its goals to reduce its environmental impact and carbon footprint by cutting landfill use, boosting recycling efforts and reduce water use, the automaker said last week in the first sustainability report it's released since emerging from bankruptcy in 2009. More than ...

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    DaimlerChrysler presents its first combined sustainability report: "360 DEGREES"

    Following many other companies, DaimlerChrysler has issued its first corporate-wide sustainability report. The new report, dubbed "360 Degrees", replaces and combines two previous separate reports on the environment and corporate social responsibility that have been generated for some time. The ...


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