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    Official: CT incentivizing dealers instead of buyers to sell more EVs

    Maybe we've been going about this all wrong. Navigant Research says a recently introduced program in Connecticut that incentivizes dealers instead of EV customers could be effective because it changes the pressure points for electric vehicles. Navigant (formerly Pike) Research notes that the ...

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    Official: Georgia proposal to scale back EV credits falls short [CORRECTION]

    Last year, about one percent of Georgia's new vehicles were battery-electric, the Atlanta Business Chronicle reported last month and Atlanta was a Nissan Leaf hotspot for many months. Sales were likely helped by the fact that neighboring states like South Carolina and Tennessee had lower EV ...

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    Report: Only one month left for tax credits on home EV chargers in US

    The number 13 may be considered bad fortune for the superstitious, but it's the year '14 when plug-in vehicle drivers who had been looking to get a little extra tax love from the federal government will really feel out of luck. The clock is ticking through the end of the month (and the year) on ...

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    Ward's columnist makes the case for tech agnostic efficiency incentives

    It's no secret that when it comes to promoting more efficient transportation, the current administration in Washington is all about batteries and plugs – pretty much to the exclusion of all else. In his latest column at trade publication Ward's Auto World, Drew Winter tries to make the case ...

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    PEV 2009: GM's Lauckner wishes for bigger incentives to get drivers out of gas-powered vehicles

    At this point, it's no secret that the Chevy Volt and other plug-in vehicles are not going to come cheap. The least-pricey full-speed electric vehicle may very well be the Nissan Leaf, which after incentives might drop into the $27-28,000 range before the extra cost of leasing the battery. While ...

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    Ford of Germany offers retrofit diesel particulate filters for just €133.33

    2009 Ford S-Max - Click on image for high-res gallery
    Ford has launched a campaign to retrofit diesel vehicles in Germany with diesel particulate filters (DPF) for a very attractive price: just €133.33 (plus installation and 19 percent VAT). This measure complements the German Federal ...

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    Germany giving €350 to retrofit diesel particulate filters

    While diesel cars are tremendously popular in Europe, they're not without their drawbacks, especially if they're no as clean as possible. German diesel car drivers, for example, face the threat of an additional road tax of €1.2 per 0.1 liter of engine displacement if their car doesn't have ...

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    EVCarolina Announces First State Sales Tax Rebate for 100% Electric Cars

    Let's celebrate the world's innovations in clean transportation technology with... the tax break! That's right, ladies and gentlemen, it's back and better than ever, because electric cars aren't good enough on their own - to buy them we need incentives other than saving our planet and livelihood, ...

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    Hybrid tax credits: Remove the cap?

    President Bush called on Congress to remove the cap on tax credits for hybrid sales. Only 60,000 vehicles per manufacturer each year can receive the tax credit up to $3,400, a problem only Toyota Motor Company is facing, since it sells more than 60,000 vehicles. President Bush urges that removal of ...


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