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    A summary of CO2-based tax schemes in Europe

    You will probably know already that some European countries tax cars based on CO2 emissions and we have discussed a few examples. While this can be a bit difficult to understand, thanks to our reader Karl-Uwe, we found a complete list of what these taxes are and how they work.However, first of all, ...

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    Total as an Oil Robin Hood? A call for big oil company profits to go back to the people

    Ségolène Royal (left) was the Socialist candidate who lost the French Presidential election and is currently the president of the Poitou-Charentes region. She said last weekend that Total, the big French oil company whose CEO thinks gas is cheap, should give back part of its profits ...

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    House passes energy tax bill, White House threatens veto

    The House of Representatives passed the energy tax bill yesterday. The White House has threatened to veto the bill, but this one probably won't make it as far as the president's desk. Other bills similar to this energy tax bill died in the Senate but with $102 barrels of oil and $4 gallon of gas ...

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    Piaggio to sell electric vans in Israel ... next month!

    Piaggio, the scooter maker best known for making Vespa, will be the first to sell electric vehicles in Isreal, in just one month. According to Ha'aretz, the electric vehicles will be Piaggio's Porter brand, small multipurpose vans (MPV) which come in five types, including models with payload ...

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    $2,500 "gas guzzler fee" bill pulled from California's assembly amid opposition

    California Assemblyman, Ira Ruskin has withdrawn a bill that would have put a one-time fee of $2,500 on the sale price of new gas guzzlers. If it made it into law, it would have been American's first feebate law, which would also provide a rebate of $2,500 for green cars. Ira has tried to enact a ...

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    Study: green cars to outsell gas guzzlers this year in the UK

    Vehicles in the UK are grouped into tax bands from A to G, depending on how much CO2 they emit. Cars ranked A and B are the greenest (and least taxed) while cars ranked G are the ones that emit the most CO2 (and drivers have to pay more). Since the tax bands were instituted, sales of A, B band cars ...

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    Get ready for April 15: info on U.S. hybrid vehicle tax rebates

    Did you buy a hybrid in 2007? If yes, you'll want to check out a post that our good friends over at Green Daily have whipped up. The GD crew has prepared an in-depth guide to all of the U.S. tax rebates you can claim for buying gas-electric vehicles. Last summer we noted that the Toyota/Lexus ...

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    Israeli government passes "green tax" on cars

    The Jerusalem Post is reporting that the Israeli government passed a "green tax" on cars Sunday. The tax was first proposed by Finance Minister Ronnie Bar-On (pictured) and constructed by Boaz Sofer of the Tax Authority. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert says "the state of Israel is doing its utmost to be ...

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    Israel considering making electric vehicles completely tax free

    Recently, we told you about Project Good Place rumors that included Israel considering tax cuts for electric cars. We now have confirmation from Haaretz, that the "Finance Ministry is considering making electric vehicles completely tax free" or at least lowering certain taxes on electric cars like ...

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    Some alternatives to a gas tax

    A lot of people hate taxes. If asked, would you rather have death or taxes, some people might need a few moments to consider the question. How much of a tax are we talking about, some people might need to ask before answering the question. A hatred of taxes explains why you often hear people say ...

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    Changing taxes to reduce pollution: Spain finally adopting CO2-dependant tax system

    Finally, the Spanish government has announced the tax scheme for the immatriculation tax, a tax paid when a vehicle is purchased. This new scheme, to be started in January 2008, depends on the CO2 emissions of the vehicles and it has lowered significantly the price for some vehicles. Until now, ...

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    France to study implementation of an eco-toll to trucks crossing the country

    One thing you see a lot in French highways is trucks and the French government thinks that they harm the environment unacceptably, even when paying for the regular tolls around the whole country. Therefore the French government is studying the implementation of an additional eco-toll in order to ...

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    Low Taxes for Eco-Car Makers in Thailand

    Building a new car, especially one that is advanced and sellable enough to carve its own niche in today's car world is very difficult. However, Thailand could be the place where it's easiest. Certain restrictions apply. See Thailand for details.Oh, what the hey, I'll just give them to you. To be ...

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    Australian car makers must shift to greener vehicles - KPMG

    Fuel misers like the Civic Hybrid have caught buyers' eyes in Australia.Global accountancy firm KPMG has said that the Australian federal government should offer Australian car makers tax incentives to build greener vehicles, including hybrid electric cars and clean diesel vehicles. With fuel ...

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    Congress loves biofuels forever. Will biodiesel and ethanol credits become permanent?

    We have already reported that this year's Congress will pursue energy issues individually, and one of the most important issues up for debate is biofuels. Reps. Earl Pomeroy and Kenny Hulshof have introduced the Renewable Fuels and Energy Independence Promotion Act of 2007 which proposes to ...

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    Who supports a higher federal gasoline tax? Environmentalists and economists

    It's time to take a serious look at our country's federal gasoline tax. According to the New York Times, it's been set at 18.4 cents per gallon since 1993. This is FAR lower than any other industrialized nation. The article also points out that according to the International Energy Agency, ...

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    State of California looks to tax non-flex fuel vehicles

    Talk about playing with dynamite. California representative Zoe Lofgren (pictured) has introduced a bill that would impose a tax on any vehicle imported into the state or manufactured within that was not flex-fuel capable. States Lofgren, "My bill would be a step to help combat climate change and ...

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    NYT on diesel: Attractive but obstacles exist

    Even though Volkswagen's recent announcement it is cancelling three diesel models for 2007, there still is hope for a thriving diesel market in the U.S. The New York Times reports on the general market for diesel, which promises to grow in the U.S. Buyers of SUVs and cars that normally opt for ...


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