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    Video: Nissan Leaf, e-NV200 get orange treatment for Ultraman Ginga S
    Japanese TV show fights crime with electric vehicle power 1402667700

    The automobile-as-crime-fighting-teammate concept dates back at least to the 1960s Batman television series, gained further currency during the 1980s with Knight Rider and was referenced in the recent Kia ads featuring Los Angeles Clippers basketball star Blake Griffin and Jack McBrayer of 30 ...

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    Official: Nikola Tesla, the TV movie?

    Yo, Elon, can you spare a few? Since Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk was asked – and responded positively – to help fund a museum dedicated to Nikola Tesla, here's another way he could boost the history of the man who gave his name for Elon's company. "Electricity: The Story and Life of ...

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    What A Waste! - coming to BBC on July 25th

    AGB reader "Garry" contacted us to tell us about a new BBC series called "What a waste!" in which they look at how the world is going to cope as the demand for power and energy grows and grows. This includes the quest to find the greenest car possible. According to the press release (which you can ...

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    Mythbusters to bust myth electric cars are slow in episode next season

    The Record Bee caught up with the Mythbusters (Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman) and crew at the Lake County's fairgrounds and Infineon Raceway in Sonoma Wednesday. What are the Mythbusters busting? According to the show's producer, they are filming an episode, to air next season, on busting the myth ...

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    Honda to talk up superior fuel efficiency in Super Bowl ad

    With three cars in the Top 10 Best-Selling Hybrids of 2006, Honda's got a lot to shout about and they're planning to use one of the world's biggest stages to do just that. Honda have announced that they will be airing three television advertisements during the broadcast of this year's Super Bowl, ...


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