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    Report: Daimler hedges Tesla investment in preparation for future projects

    Exactly how Daimler is hedging its investment in Tesla Motors is not being revealed, but since the electric vehicle company's stock has been roller-coasting all around the place this year, we're not too surprised that some sort of stabilization methods have been put in place. The TSLA stock went ...

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    Exclusive: Elon Musk: 'The credit for saving Tesla should go to Daimler'

    Back in 2009, the plug-in vehicle world was surprised to learn that Daimler had invested $50 million in Tesla Motors. What we didn't know at the time was that the money came deus ex machina style just before the EV startup reaper was about to knock. Turns out, Tesla's financial situation was much ...

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    Report: Mercedes A-Class going electric with Tesla's help; for real this time?

    Reports of Mercedes-Benz and Tesla building an electric A-Class together are nothing new. In fact, a fleet of 500 A-Class-based E-Cells was built for Europe. Most recently, a Tesla earnings report revealed that Tesla was still working on an all-electric powertrain for an unnamed EV for Daimler, ...

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    Teased: Tesla shareholder letter reveals new Daimler deal, Model X details

    The 3rd quarter of 2011 has been a good one for Tesla Motors. Its letter to its shareholders was quite upbeat with news that sales of Roadsters and Model S reservations were on the rise, development targets for its own vehicles and the Toyota Rav4EV are being met and its financial performance was ...

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    Reading murky tea leaves about Tesla Motors' future and IPO

    Tesla Roadster and the Smart Ed – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The connection between Tesla Motors and Daimler is certainly electric. Tesla supplied the batteries for the Smart Ed and Daimler invested about $50 million in Tesla. Now that Tesla has announced its plan to go public, ...

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    Elon Musk: Daimler's "golden handcuffs" mean I'll stay with Tesla through Model S launch

    For a guy who allegedly wants a lot of the credit for creating Tesla Motors, Elon Musk certainly doesn't seem to like the job of being its CEO. As part of Daimler's investment deal with Tesla, Musk needed to commit to staying on as Tesla's CEO at least until the Model S launches in 2011. Musk told ...

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    Trying to find the upside to Tesla-Daimler deal

    Elon Musk and Dr. Thomas Weber with the Tesla Roadster and the smart ed
    Not everyone think the big Daimler-Tesla deal announced last week is a win-win. In fact, Jay Yarow over at Business Insider is trying to figure our how either side benefits from Daimler's estimated $50+ million investment in ...

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    Live Blog: Daimler announces new strategic partnership with Tesla for EVs, takes 10% stake

    In just a few minutes, Daimler will be starting a press conference with Dr. Thomas Weber, the head of R&D for Mercedes-Benz. Dr. Weber will be making an announcement about a new strategic partnership for electric vehicles. Most of the speculation at this point involves a possible investment in ...

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    Tesla confirms smart ed battery supply deal

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the smart ed
    digg_url = ''; The rumors were true. At the Society of Automotive Analysts outlook conference this morning, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that his company will ...

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    Financial Times confirms Tesla to supply batteries for electric Smart

    A few weeks back I did some informed but utterly unconfirmed speculation about the nature of the deal that Tesla Motors had struck with Daimler. Of the two scenarios that I posited, the more likely was that Tesla would be supplying lithium ion battery packs to Daimler for use in the electric ...


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