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think blue

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    Official: VW Jetta Hybrid driver hits 49.9 mpg in 400-mile California eco-driving rally

    We all know they really wanted to hit that 50 mile per gallon mark, but 49.9 mpg will have to do. That's what Frank Zauft, the most fuel-efficient driver, achieved in the first-ever "Think Blue. World Championship" competition (yes, the period's supposed to be there) that Volkswagen has conducted ...

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    Official: Volkswagen "Thinks Blue," takes pride in its energy-efficient plants

    More than 350 employees from 21 Volkswagen manufacturing plants met in Wolfsburg, Germany, to discuss the campaign to make the global automaker more green – or, actually, the eco color that Volkswagen calls "blue." At the "Think Blue. Factory." annual meeting, details were presented on ...

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    Official: VW announces Think Blue tour, details on E-Golf test fleet

    Volkswagen's U.S. ecomobility promotion efforts reveals two new facets this week with the announcement of both a "Think Blue" tour and the official details of the E-Golf test program we first heard about a few weeks ago. VW launched its Think Blue initiative in the U.S. last May with the idea to ...

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    DC AUTO SHOW: VW announces two-year partnership with Bikes Belong

    2011 was a good year for VW – the best since 2002 – said Jonathan Browning, president and CEO, Volkswagen Group of America, and this gives the company a license to think outside the car. Thus, at the Washington Auto Show, Volkswagen announced support for another type of pedal power: ...

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    VW promises 25% cleaner manufacturing around the world by 2018

    When we visited Volkswagen's manufacturing plant in Chattanooga, TN a while back, we were told it would be model for other company plants around the world. That's just what an announcement today puts into effect. Expanding on its "Bluemotion" tagline for its more efficient vehicles, VW's cleaner ...

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    Video: Volkswagen rolls out Think Blue Symphony ad campaign

    Volkswagen Think Blue Symphony – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Volkswagen has rolled out its latest advertising campaign under its Think Blue initiative. On August 5, the automaker launched a TV spot and print ads over in Germany to transmit a differently colored sustainable ...

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    VW launches "Think Blue" initiative in U.S.

    Earlier today, Volkswagen launched its "Think Blue" initiative in the U.S. VW says that the initiative's aim is to "encourage eco-friendly mobility and progressive ideas for responsible action in everyday life." The U.S. launch of Think Blue coincides with the automaker's partnership with the ...

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    VW asks us to "Think Blue" now that we're done with "Think Small"

    For years, European automakers (mostly) have used the color blue to identify their eco-friendly vehicles and initiatives, forgoing the green emphasis on this side of the pond. We have Hyundai's Blue-Will, Mercedes' Bluetec and so on. Heck, back in 2007, advertising agency JWT predicted a lingo ...


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