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    Official: Elio getting closer to building actual 84-mpg cars

    Elio Motors is taking its green-is-good mentality to its factory equipment. The company, which is planning to make super-light three-wheeled vehicles that get 84 miles per gallon, will finally start making trikes next year. The plan is to sell off extra equipment from an old General Motors ...

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    Official: Egg-shaped, solar- and pedal-powered $5,500 ELF eco-trike on the way

    Remember the old Flinstones cartoons where Fred and Barney could make their cars go faster by peddling their feet on the ground under the car? One North Carolina-based company is putting its own spin on that concept. All for the sake of the environment, of course. Organic Transit is selling what ...

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    Official: Toyota takes i-Road tests to the streets of Tokyo

    OK, here's where we think those road tests will start to get a little scary. Those super-narrow all-electric three-wheeled Toyota i-Road vehicles may have looked great sashaying through the towns of the French Riviera. But now? They're being tested in Tokyo. Hoo boy. The Japanese automaker says ...

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    Official: Elio high-mpg trike hits 10,000 reservations

    Our math says that there must be 71 people a day signing up for the Elio Motors super-fuel-efficient three-wheeled vehicle. Michigan-based Elio says it's surpassed the 10,000-reservation threshold for its car, which is slated to start production next year. About 6,300 had signed up as of the end ...

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    Official: Fourth-gen Elio model gets 86-mpg trike closer to production

    Elio Motors has unveiled the new design for its super-fuel-efficient three-wheeled commuter car, and we're already liking the covered-wheel effect. The company's new version was shown off in a lovely shade of orange, and if that color is a nod to the Denver Broncos and their upcoming appearance ...

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    Epic Torq EV sits unloved on eBay with $58,000 price tag

    Perhaps the base price for the Epic Torq Roadster EV is a bit high. The eye-catching electric vehicle officially starts at $65,000, but a recent example was listed on eBay for the low, low price of $57,985. The car, located in Laguna Niguel, CA, has a clear title and just 108 miles on it. It also ...

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    Video: Toyota i-Road happily cruises the streets

    This video might rank up there with Katrina & The Waves' "Walking On Sunshine" when it comes to putting the viewer in a good mood. Toyota does the honors by showing off a quartet of its all-electric i-Road concept vehicles literally sashaying through what appears to be a French seaside town ...

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    Official: Arcimoto will build 15 EVs for more testing

    Now, more on whether Arcimoto will become the little electric motor that could. The Oregon-based maker of three-wheeled battery-electric vehicles, is planning to build a pilot fleet of 15 vehicles, the company said in its newsletter last month. The company said it benefitted from exhibiting the ...

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    Report: Sparrow 2, the updated three-wheeled EV, on the drawing board for late 2012

    An updated version of the Sparrow, the entirely quirky three-wheeled battery-electric vehicle that sold around 300 units before its parent company went bankrupt almost a decade ago, could make a comeback later this year, Wired magazine reported. This new vehicle, the Sparrow 2, is the latest ...

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    Congress approves three-wheelers for DOE funds

    Aptera 2e final design rendering - Click above to enlarge
    Following months of debate, Congress has approved a bill that will pave the way for three-wheeled vehicle manufacturers like Aptera to qualify for funding from the Department of Energy. Next step: President Obama's desk, and the ...

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    Russian taxi company adds Carver to fleet

    Carver One for taxi duty - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    We don't often hear about the Carver One here in the United States, probably because it's not actually available for sale in this country. Apparently, that's not the case in much of the European Union and Russia, where a taxi ...

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    Piaggio Ape reintroduced to UK market

    Perodua UK Limited, the importer of Piaggio Commercial Vehicles, has just announced that it's bringing the classic three-wheeled Ape back to the UK market. First introduced way back in 1948, the Ape (pronounced, ap-ey, FWIW, which is Italian for "bee." Vespa is Italian for "wasp") is based on the ...

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    Editorial: Why make three-wheeled vehicles? Are they legal? Should they be?

    Click above for more images of the Aptera Typ1 eGasoline prices in the United States are helping push along the development of many new vehicles such as the Volt from General Motors. Such game-changing vehicles as the Volt and the original Toyota Prius demand a huge amount of research and, even ...

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    Colorado: Should there be a distinct license for three-wheelers?

    Since three-wheeled vehicles come up on AutoblogGreen so often, we thought it would be prudent to inform you that Colorado is considering adding a distinct license requirement for three-wheeled motorcycles. Generally, if you have a motorcycle license, the state you live in allows you to ride a ...

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    Take a look at the new Triketec X2 Arrow, with optional diesel engine

    Vehicles with three wheels have the unenviable reputation of being inherently unstable. This reputation was earned by the Honda ATCs from long ago, which had two wheels in the rear and one wheel up front. This design is not as stable as having two wheels in the front. Because vehicles are ...

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    2 Stroke Buzz takes on the Piaggio MP3 - their take? Read on!

    "The extra wheel is a welcome novelty and could accurately be described as a "benefit," but is that benefit equal to the cost, weight, and technical complication?" That is how the last paragraph from 2 Stroke Buzz's short take on the Piaggio MP3 after riding it briefly. I won't steal their thunder ...

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    In-progress pictures of a diesel\electric plug-in XR3 hybrid from Robert Q. Riley

    I have a brief update from Robert at Robert Q. Riley Enterprises about the status of the XR3 diesel\electric hybrid prototype. I can also share with you a few pictures of an XR3 body under construction. The process of creating a body from scratch requires building up a foam core that is larger ...


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