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    Official: Tesla adds free titanium underbody shields to Model S to prevent fires

    Following a garage fire incident with a Model S EV last year, Tesla Motors quickly sent out an over-the-air software update to adjust how the car charges. Following two on-road fires caused by road debris that struck the underside of different Model S EVs (one in Washington State and the other in ...

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    Solar chief sells photovoltaics and drives green

    DayStar LightFoil flexible solar cellsStephan DeLuca, the former COO, and now CEO, of solar cell manufacturer DayStar Technologies Inc. has just received a healthy $50,000 pay rise, plus access to a healthy vehicle. DeLuca, who, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing, is allowed ...

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    Using ethylene and titanium to store hydrogen

    The basic building block molecule of most common plastics, such as the milk jugs and water bottles that most of us have in our refrigerators could end up being a very efficient way of storing hydrogen molecules. By creating a complex molecule of two titanium atoms attached to the ends of an ...

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    NanoSafe battery tests show minimal loss of charge capacity

    A few months ago, we first heard word of Altair Nanotechnologies because of an innovative new battery cell design they're now calling NanoSafe. They say that the graphite used in standard lithium-ion batteries is replaced with a nano-structured negative electrode material called nano lithium ...


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