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tony stark

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    Exclusive: What on Earth is Audi doing with E-Tron?

    Getting Some Answers About This Often Confusing EV Program The E-Tron name has been applied to at least a dozen concepts, test vehicles and rumors over the past four years. If we take a quick look back in history, we realize that the first time Audi mentioned the name E-Tron to the public ...

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    Tony Stark isn't just Iron Man - he's Elon Musk, too

    Regular AutoblogGreen readers who went to see Iron Man 2 this past weekend probably noticed an unexpected little cameo from one of the most flamboyant automotive CEOs around: Elon Musk. Why would Musk show up in a superhero movie? Because this is really a movie about fictional genius billionaire ...

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    Iron Man Tony Stark gets a Tesla before anyone else does. Must be nice!

    So, what's a guy gotta do in order to get on the Tesla preferred customer list? How about becoming a crime-fighting-billionaire-industrialist-and-inventor? It seems as if that would be enough, according to the screen-grab from the Iron Man Super Bowl ad above. The man who is iron has got a Tesla, ...


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