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    EP Tender to allow EV charging on the go

    Until the day that wireless or fast electric vehicle chargers become pervasive, EV owners will need to try out alternatives to cut down fueling time – such as a battery charging trailer. A French company recently rolled out its EP Tender, a trailer with a 600cc engine that can recharge ...

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    Official: Mercedes creates "aero trailer" concept to improve big rig fuel efficiency

    Every time you drive by a semi and feel your car get pushed away from the rig, it reinforces the reality that tractor trailers punch a big, ragged hole in the air around them. It takes a lot of power to force those big boxes through the wind, and Mercedes-Benz is working to please both fleet ...

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    Gashole documentary film might put our addiction into perspective

    Directors Jeremy Wagner and Scott Roberts have turned their lenses toward America's insatiable thirst for petroleum products in a new documentary. Gashole looks into the history of gasoline in America, our growing dependence on foreign energy sources and the mechanisms that keep us hooked on ...

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    Scania testing economy-boosting "boat-tail" spoiler on tractor-trailers

    Scania, a Swedish producer of commercial-duty trucks and buses, is testing a rear-mounted spoiler that the company claims can boost fuel economy by as much as two percent on long-haul tractor-trailers. Dubbed the "boat-tail" spoiler, Scania believes that the simple addition of some permanently ...


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