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    Official: Renault moves all Fluence Z.E. production to Korea

    Carlos Ghosn sort of hinted that this day would come. And the Better Place bankruptcy didn't help either. For a variety of reasons, Renault has stopped making the Fluence Z.E. in Turkey. The car is still alive, but it's no longer Renault's flagship EV sedan. Renault's Maya Vautier told ...

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    Report: Turkey wants bigger role in EV world

    In the "You Gotta Start Somewhere" Department, Turkish government officials are vowing to fund the development of Turkish-made electric vehicles in order to increase regional competitiveness within the alt-fuel world, Hurriyet Daily News says. Turkey's Science Ministry will buy 200 electric cars ...

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    Report: Renault eyes Eastern Europe, South America for Twizy EV

    Little car, big plans. Renault is looking to expand distribution of its Twizy electric vehicle to countries such as Turkey, Israel, Japan and Singapore as well as South America after selling about 6,500 vehicles throughout Europe. This news comes courtesy of Technologic Vehicles, which cited an ...

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    Video: ABC News says gas prices might affect holiday spending

    Americans everywhere are feeling the pinch of high unemployment and a stagnant economy. Even the gainfully employed are having a tough go of things, as wages aren't keeping up with inflation. ABC News took a look at holiday spending, showing how much the price of a turkey dinner has changed in ...

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    BD Otomotiv to rescue Think Global from bankruptcy?

    Think City factory in Elkhart, IN – Click above for high-res image gallery
    BD Otomotiv, a sustainable transport group based in Turkey, is reportedly in advanced negotiations with the Norwegian court-appointed trustee of Think Global to rescue the automaker from bankruptcy. Earlier this ...

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    Etox gets a diesel detox, will unveil electric prototype

    Etox, makers of the Zafer sportscar (pictured above), have announced plans to build an electric model. The Turkish company has said the first prototype will be finished in three months and could, when it's ready to hit showrooms, boast a pricetag as low as 30,000 to 35,000 lira ($19,020 to ...

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    Turkish students get 568 km from one liter of hydrogen in tiny SAHİMO car

    Going 568 kilometers (353 miles) on a liter of hydrogen is nothing to scoff at, but for the students at Sakarya University in northwestern Turkey who built the SAHİMO vehicle, it's simply not good enough. The hydrogen-powered ride was the third-most fuel-efficient vehicle in the recent 26th Shell ...

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    Biodiesel from turkey company Changing World Technologies files IPO

    It seems that Changing World Technologies have finally solved the offal odor pollution problem at their turkey byproducts to biodiesel plant and are ready to begin bigger and better things. The company, which uses a thermal conversion process (TCP) to break down waste into fuel and organic ...

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    India running low on oil, looks to Turkey (and beyond) for help

    With India's emergence in recent years as a booming automotive market, the country needs a booming supply of oil to power all the new vehicles. Unfortunately for Indians, they don't have nearly enough domestically-produced oil, so they are forced to import their supplies from other countries. In an ...

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    Thanksgiving thoughts: biodiesel from a deep-fried turkey

    In the last few years, there have been a lot of people who have changed the cooking device for the holiday bird from the oven to a big deep fryer. As our DIY readers probably know, all of this frying oil can create a great opportunity to later make biodiesel. Since it takes around 3-5 gallons of ...

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    White House Thanksgiving turkeys delivered by Flex Fuel Ford running on E85

    digg_url = ''; The traditional pardoned White House turkeys were delivered by a Flex Fuel Ford F-150 running on E85. The turkeys were named "May" and "Flower" and not "the names the Vice President suggested, which was ...

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    GE to supply turbines for new 130MW wind farm in Turkey

    A new 130MW wind farm is being installed in Bahce, Turkey that will add to the 84MW of wind power in place in the country at the beginning of this year. General Electric Energy will be supplying 52 of their latest 2.5MW wind turbines for the project. The new turbines have a rotor diameter of 328 ft ...


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