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    Video: Nissan Leaf, e-NV200 get orange treatment for Ultraman Ginga S
    Japanese TV show fights crime with electric vehicle power 1402667700

    The automobile-as-crime-fighting-teammate concept dates back at least to the 1960s Batman television series, gained further currency during the 1980s with Knight Rider and was referenced in the recent Kia ads featuring Los Angeles Clippers basketball star Blake Griffin and Jack McBrayer of 30 ...

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    Video: 60 Minutes can't even get Tesla Model S EV sound right

    60 Minutes has come under fire for screwing up important bits of news recently, but an error in Sunday's profile of Tesla Motors and CEO Elon Musk is completely perplexing. 60 Minutes has said it was an "audio editing error," but we're wondering how you manage to edit in internal combustion ...

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    Video: Nissan Leaf as a chick magnet? Hey, why not?

    Nissan has figured out what other automakers learned decades ago: a reliable way to sell a car – to a man at least – is to imply that he'll get some action out of it. In trying to boost sales of its all-electric Leaf, the Japanese automaker has released a 30-second TV spot called ...

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    Official: Nikola Tesla, the TV movie?

    Yo, Elon, can you spare a few? Since Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk was asked – and responded positively – to help fund a museum dedicated to Nikola Tesla, here's another way he could boost the history of the man who gave his name for Elon's company. "Electricity: The Story and Life of ...

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    T??V picks the Kia cee'd for latest environmental certificates

    In the process of creating and building the Kia cee'd, Kia has won two environmental certificates from the well-known German institution TÜV. At a ceremony in Seoul, Korea on Friday, TÜV gave Kia DFE (Design for Environment) and a LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) certificates for the way Kia ...

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    Chevy TV commercial uses paper SUV to convince children hybrid SUVs are green

    digg_url = ''; Chevy has two new TV ads for its Tahoe hybrid. First a little background. The Chevy Tahoe hybrid won Green Car Journal's Green Car of the Year award last year. A full-size SUV winning a green car ...

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    "Misleading" Saab TV biofuel ad yanked in UK

    click for high-res gallery A TV ad for Saab BioPower was yanked off the air in the UK for tying bioethanol to reduced carbon output. According to the UK's Advertising Standards Agency, Saab's "Release Me" commercial (watch it below the fold) incorrectly states that using bioethanol-capable cars ...

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    Video flashback: Electric car ridiculed on Two and a Half Men

    It's EV flashback time. An electric car was featured in a 2004 episode of the CBS comedy series Two and a Half Men (watch the video below the fold). The mother of the odd brothers in the show (Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer) enjoys her electric car but needs to exchange her EV with Sheen's Mercedes to ...

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    John Travolta flies a hybrid Boeing jet?

    Last night during the Oscar telecast, host Jon Stewart joked to the audience, "Whoever owns the Boeing 707 parked on La Brea Avenue, your landing lights are on." As actor/aviator John Travolta ran onstage and bolted through an exit, Stewart comforted the glitterati, telling them, "Don't worry, it's ...

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    Ed Begley Jr. powers the Independent Spirit Award with stationary bicycle

    Last night on the Independent Spirit Awards, an award show for independent films, there was a joke about Ed Begley Jr. powering the entire show (lights, sound, etc) by pedaling a stationary bike. Ed, an actor known to be very eco-friendly, didn't really power the entire show but the organizers did ...

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    Top two American Idol finalists will get Ford Escape hybrids

    Ford is really going all-out to promote its hybrids. Latest case-in-point: the last two finalists in this season's popular FOX television series American Idol will receive a Ford Escape hybrid. The American Idol giveaway comes right after a heavily promoted fictional hybrid Ford mustang in NBC's ...

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    VIDEO: Old TV commercial for all-electric Toyota RAV4 EV

    GM's EV1 was the star of the popular documentary, Who Killed the Electric Car? but the General wasn't the only large automaker to build fully-electric vehicles when California law demanded it. Ford had the Ranger EV and Toyota made an electric version of the RAV4 SUV, called the RAV4 EV. Many ...

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    TV ad for Chevy Volt: environmentalists, let dogs lick you instead of bathing

    Ladies and gentleman, GM has a competitor for the worst ad is the history of ads (I've embedded it below the fold). First, some background, the video background in the ad is apparently taken from a web video someone took of a dog licking a bare foot (also below the fold). You think that would be ...

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    Power of h, Lexus hybrid's new TV ads, don't mention features of hybrids

    I was watching Lost on ABC last night and caught a TV commercial for the Power of h, Lexus hybrid's new ad campaign. The spot actually had nothing to do with hybrids, it (you can watch it for yourself below) was all about missing letters of h, somehow gone from key boards, news papers, etc. The ...

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    Hybrid Malibu TV commercial featuring Mary J. Blige to debut at the Grammys?

    Recently, we told you GM shelved a hybrid Malibu TV ad to air in the Superbowl. MediaPost is reporting that GM will "advertise during the show (Grammys), with commercials - including one starring Mary J. Blige - that tout the Chevy Malibu and GM's "Gas Friendly to Gas Free" campaign." Is that ...

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    Honda's new TV ad features fuel cell-powered FCX Clarity

    Honda recently launched a new green ad campagn called Problem Playground. It just kicked off the second phase with a TV ad that features Honda's hydrogen fuel cell FCX Clarity (which you can watch below the fold). The ad's voiceover is done by Garrison Keillor and goes like this:A hydrogen car with ...

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    Nissan confirms the "Cube," a 37 MPG, hybrid, Scion-look-a-like, is coming to the US

    Shiro Nakamura, Nissan's global design director says "the Cube is coming to the U.S. market." The Cube gets 37 MPG and has something called e-4WD, which includes an electric motor that kicks in when you need it. The Cube is already out in Japan (see wacky Japanese commercial below the fold) and ...

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    "Hummers are greener than Prius" study makes it into an episode of ABC's Boston Legal

    Boston Legal is an ABC TV series about a law firm. In the episode Green Christmas (first aired Dec. 18, 2007), the law firm, Crane Poole and Schmidt, is sued by a group called "Green People" for fraud because they said they were green but actually were not. In the court case, a board member of ...

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    New KITT's "Solar Powered Hybrid Engine" TV ad

    Recently, I told you the new KITT, in the upcoming Knight Rider TV movie, would have a solar powered hybrid engine. NBC is showing a TV commercial highlighting this green feature. You can watch video of the TV commercial below the fold. The ad also mentions that the new KITT has 550 horsepower and ...

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    Knight Rider movie producer: the new KITT is a solar powered, "hybrid"

    Turns out I was wrong when I said the new KITT from the Knight Rider movie coming February was not a hybrid. According to the show's executive producer, David Bartis, the new KITT is very efficient and a hybrid in "some ways." KITT will also have solar panels and other green technologies. Here is ...


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