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    Report: VW e-up will start at £24,250 in UK

    That translates to a starting price of about $39,528 US dollars. Volkswagen is keeping its word on electric mobility, bringing the e-Up! electric car to the United Kingdom this month at a competitive starting price. Unveiled with the e-Golf at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, the e-Up! ...

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    Two Wheels: All across Europe, bicycles outsold cars last year

    It may have taken a full generation for Queen's 1978 oddball anthem Bicycle Race to take effect, but by golly, folks in the band's native UK, not to mention the rest of Europe, are getting the rather operatic message. Last year, Europeans bought more bicycles than light-duty vehicles in 25 of the ...

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    Report: Peugeot's diesel-hybrid Onyx Concept will hit the road at UK's Goodwood fest

    Peugeot looks like it's ratcheting the good-old British-French rivalry up a notch by bringing its Onyx diesel-hybrid concept car at England's Goodwood Festival of Speed this July, according to Hybrid Cars. The French automaker will use the festival to road-test the futuristic-looking vehicle, ...

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    Study: UK hybrid sales will dwarf demand for plug-in vehicles

    UK hybrid sales will dwarf those of battery-electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles as automakers work to meet ever-increasing emissions requirements during the next decade. The prediction was reported in Motor Trades Insight can came from a RAC (Royal Automobile Club) Foundation study. What does ...

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    Official: Chevy Volt's UK doppelgänger to be tested as an ambulance

    We still can't figure out where those wacky British will fit the gurney, but we'll let that go as we report that the UK version of the Chevrolet Volt will be tested as an ambulance across the pond. A Vauxhall Ampera, which, along with the Volt extended-range plug-in, was named the 2012 European ...

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    Official: Nissan drops price of all-electric Leaf by £2,500 in UK

    How does $3,950 off sound? That's the amount (converted) that Nissan decided to drop from the price of its all-electric Leaf in the UK, bringing the MSRP down by 2,500 British pounds to just 23,490 pounds ($37,115). Nissan, which is due to start making Leafs at its Sunderland UK factory this ...

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    Official: Toyota Prius Plug-In wins 2012 sales battle in UK

    The Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid was the top selling plug-in hybrid vehicle in the United Kingdom, with 470 sold since being introduced to the market in July 2012. That means the Prius Plug-in Hybrid outsold the Vauxhall Ampera plug-in hybrid, Toyota says. The sales lead happened even though the ...

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    Official: POD Point bringing card-less charging network to United Kingdom

    The days of free public electric vehicle charging are coming to an end, and the pay-to-plug reality is spreading overseas. United Kingdom EV charging company POD Point has launched the UK's first nationwide Pay As You Go (PP PAYG) network. It's free to join, has no monthly fee and asks only for a ...

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    Official: Free Nissan Leaf cab rides in London promote electric vehicles

    This weekend, Nissan was accepting Tweets as payment for cab rides in Nissan Leaf battery-electric vehicles in. The reasoning? To boost the profile of its electric vehicles in the UK. Nissan says riders needed to send Tweets that included the hashtag '#6XCHEAPER' and their destination to get a ...

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    Report: Are UK green-vehicle tax incentives working too well?

    Are the green-car rebates in the UK on the verge of themselves being rebated? That's what the London's Telegraph newspaper is suggesting, asking if incentivizing people to drive green can be too effective. UK ministers are talking about revoking some of the tax incentives created to encourage ...

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    It's Friday: If you're a car thief, you'd best know your diesel from your gasoline

    When stealing a vehicle, we imagine the last thing on a thief's mind is thinking is about type of fuel their "new" car requires. However, that's something Daniel Boxall should have considered after acquiring a new set of wheels through less than legal means. Boxall decided he needed a new whip, ...

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    UK new car CO2 average down by 4.7 in first half of 2010

    According to a new report from the UK trade group Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), the average CO2 emissions of new cars sold there have continued a steady downward trend in the first half of this year. Thanks to increasing sales of cars specifically developed to reduce fuel ...

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    More solar powered parking meters are coming to the U.K.

    I have never gotten a parking ticket in my life, which is partly due to the fact that I never park next to a meter. Where I live in Northwest Ohio, there really is no problem finding adequate parking most of the time. But, what if your only choice was to park next to a meter, and because the meter ...

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    Taxpayer group says British Government wasting money on hybrids

    Here in the US people who buy hybrid vehicles can usually recover most of the cost premium of the extra hardware through a variety of tax breaks. Unfortunately government agencies gain no benefit from this and have to bear the full cost. Over in Britain the government has been buying hybrids for ...

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    Avis introduces the Toyota Prius to U.K. Fleets

    First Portugal and Scandinavia, now it's the U.K.'s turn. Tourists, businessmen and collision survivors now have the option of renting green with the introduction of the Toyota Prius to Avis' UK fleets. In addition to being kinder to the environment, the Prius is also exempt from the U.K.'s ...

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    Britsh hybrid sales double in the past year

    Gas-electric hybrid cars are still a very small segment of the market in Europe, but they are starting to pick up some steam, at least in England. So far in 2007 hybrid sales are up 111 percent compared to 2006 rising from 3,117 to 6,568 units. A monthly record of 604 Honda Civic Hybrids were sold ...

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    U.K. Channel 4 test drives the Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion

    Click on the image for a gallery of high-res images of the Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion.The Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion is already on sale in the United Kingdom where it claims the title of producing the lowest carbon dioxide emissions of any passenger car available there at just 102 g/km. The ...

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    Aussie utility announces carbon trading scheme

    Australian energy utility Origin Energy has taken a leadership position in the trading of carbon by announcing a new Carbon Reduction Scheme for businesses to buy and sell verified carbon offsets. Australia already has a federal government run Renewable Energy Certificate scheme in place for ...

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    Honda Civic Hybrid named U.K.'s greenest car again

    The United Kingdom's Environmental Transport Association (ETA) annual awards have named the Honda Civic Hybrid Britain's greenest car for the second straight year. Finishing ahead of the Vauxhall Corsa 13.CTDi and Toyota Yaris 1.4 Diesel, the Civic won out for its superior combination of engine ...

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    World's biggest solar roof for Tesco U.S.A.

    British supermarket chain Tesco, the fourth-largest retail chain in the world, is teaming up with Los Angeles-based Solar Integrated Technologies to build what is claimed to be the world's biggest roof-top solar panel installation. Solar Integrated won the $13 million contract to install solar ...


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