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    Official: This Labor Day, low gas prices mean more cars on the road [w/video]

    It's not hard to understand, when gas prices go up, Americans sometimes drive less on national holidays. This year, though gas prices are lower than they have been right before Labor Day since 2010, and that means the American Automobile Association (AAA) is predicting that the number of people ...

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    Report: Global Nissan Leaf sales top 10,100

    While unveiling Nissan's China growth strategy in Beijing, Nissan chief executive officer, Carlos Ghosn, stated:

    We see a clear need for cars that are affordable, practical, spacious and zero emission. Nissan is clearly the global leader in zero emission mobility, now with more than 10,100 ...

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    LA, China team up for plug-in car data sharing

    At the beginning of this year, Los Angeles and Shanghai became part of an electric vehicle data sharing agreement between the U.S. Department of Energy and China's Ministry of Science and Technology. The information to be shared is related to electric vehicle (EV) usage such as where drivers take ...

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    More reasons why electric vehicle battery pack production is likely to move stateside

    Coda Sedan – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Here's a corollary to this morning's post about export hurdles. Not only will electric vehicles (EVs) and related components face logistical problems moving from the U.S. to overseas markets, there are a host of other reasons why it just ...

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    Air Car coming to America by 2009-2010, will cost $17,800

    According to Green Business, the Air Car will arrive in the US by 2009 or 2010, courtesy of Zero Pollution Motors. The quirky alt-propulsion vehicle's anticipated $17,800 price tag includes standard safety equipment like airbags and ABS, along with the 75-horsepower compressed-air six-cylinder that ...

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    Chavez backs off threat to cut oil sales to America

    Chavez is backing off his threats to cut oil sales to America that we recently told you about. According to Bloomberg, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on state television that, "We don't have plans to stop sending oil to the U.S. ... All I've said is that, if the U.S. attacks us, we'll have ...

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    Washington Auto Show video: Jim Press talks about the difference between US and Japan

    At the Washington Auto Show, Jim Press (the guy who famously left Toyota for Chrysler) said the Japanese government worked closely with corporations, like Toyota, for the betterment of society. Jim said he is excited to work with Cerberus, the private owners of Chrysler, to contribute to society as ...


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