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    Report: HP2g inventor still working on technology behind '110 MPGe' Mustang

    One Ohio-based inventor who's long proposed a technology that substantially boosts the driving range of a typical V8 engine says his idea still has plenty of legs. Doug Pelmear, whose HP2g technology was the guts behind the high-miles-per-gallon converted Mustang in 2009 and the Revenge Verde ...

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    Four-cylinder engines dominate in U.S.; V8s drop to just 17 percent

    Four cylinder engines have replaced sixes as the engine of choice for U.S. consumers, powering 43 percent of light vehicles sold in the first six months of 2011, according to IHS Automotive. Back in 2005, V6 engines were found under the hood of 43 percent of vehicles sold, but rising fuel prices ...

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    Four-cylinder engines power 65.4% of cars built in 2010

    Back in 2008, soaring gas prices sent car buyers in search of efficient four-cylinder vehicles and, as the numbers show, sales of V6 and V8 engines dropped from 63.9 percent to 57.1 percent when gas prices spiked. Though elevated fuel costs may have triggered the increased demand for ...

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    With efficiency improvements on the way, V8 engine is far from dead

    2011 Ford Mustang GT V8 engine – Click above for high-res image gallery
    When word of more stringent CAFE standards broke, the automotive world let out a collective gasp. Could new regulations spell the end of the V8? Will America's lust for more powerful vehicles be fulfilled with ...

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    Ferrari Boss Felisa: "Hybrid means we can protect the V12"

    Ferrari 599 HY-KERS – Click above for high-res image gallery
    In the Eighties, you wanted your MTV. Now that you're a little older and a lot richer, you want your naturally aspirated V12 Italian cars, and both Ferrari and Lamborghini plan to deliver. The raging bulls at Sant' Agata are ...

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    USA Today: Four-cylinder engines powered nearly half of all new car sales last month

    Along with eight-cylinder engines and manual transmissions, six-cylinder motors appear to be on the outs, relatively speaking. In the first quarter of this year, USA Today notes that four-cylinder lumps made up 46.5 percent of new car sales, almost a five percent jump over the same period last ...

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    Engine displacement tax could convince automakers to focus on smaller powerplants

    Last year, the state of Washington contemplated a tax that would be placed on vehicles dependent upon the displacement of its engine. The displacement tax was eventually discarded but not forgotten. Automakers noted the possibility of this tax cropping up again in the future and marked it in their ...

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    Once lowly four-cylinder gains market dominance over bigger engines

    Mini Cooper four-cylinder engine - Click above for high-res image
    Back in 2008, skyrocketing gasoline prices sent car buyers in search of efficient four-cylinder vehicles. As the numbers show, sales of V6 and V8 engines dropped from 63.9 percent to 57.1 percent during the gas price hike. This was ...

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    Top list: The leanest V8s on sale in Europe

    For many motorists, V8 means the quintessential type of engine. Power and a beautiful roar from under the hood are its typical signatures, but it's also a synonym for high fuel consumption and a general sense of being dirty. Nevertheless, there are a certain number of V8 engines, and not only ...

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    Yamaha F350 5.3 liter V8 outboard motors save fuel

    It's not often that consumers choose a V8 engine for its low fuel consumption, but that seems to be exactly what is happening with the Yamaha F350 outboard motor. This sixty-degree engine is a rather high-tech design, featuring 32 valves and double overhead cams to produce some 350 horsepower at ...

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    Detroit News columnist Rex Roy: "Irrational greenies, hands off my V-8"

    Are we living in the twilight years of the V8 engine? It seems possible, considering that General Motors has already canceled their newest high-tech V8 engine program and Ford is planning on a switch to EcoBoost engines for their high-end vehicles. Even performance car stalwarts such as the Camaro, ...

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    Should the Corvette never again offer a six-cylinder?

    Americans have a long-established love affair with the V8 engine, and with good reason: almost all of the coolest cars that Detroit has produced have had huge V8 engines. Those engines were able to propel the large muscle cars that they were encased in to very high speeds very quickly, all the ...

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    Does having fun in a car require a V8? Nope

    I could'a had a V8. Ever heard that one? Sure, people like their cars to be powerful and fun to drive. It used to be that there was a distinction between the term "sports car" and "muscle car". Sure, sports cars must be quick to accelerate and change direction, but they don't require honkin' V8 ...

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    CAFE and slowing V-8 sales killed the new GM high-feature V-8

    The cancellation last week of General Motors new high-feature V-8 that was due for 2010 was indeed prompted in part by the passage of new fuel economy regulations in mid-December but CAFE was not the only reason. In a conversation with AutoblogGreen, Cadillac General Manager Jim Taylor revealed ...

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    Australian Supertrucks racing on biodiesel

    The Australian Supertruck teams will give biodiesel a go in their racing rigs this weekend as they compete as part of the V8 Supercars event being held in Adelaide. The five tonne trucks race each other at speeds up to 160 km/h / 100 mph which creates a significant amount of emissions. Biodiesel ...

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    Ford unveils new V8 diesel engine

    Ford Motor Company just announced their new premium V8 diesel engine for use in top range Ford, Jaguar, Land Rover and Volvo models. While V8 diesel engines are a common upgrade for medium-duty trucks in the US, they are often considered too crude for more consumer friendly applications. In Europe, ...


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