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    Video: Virginians Beware: Hybrid tire-slasher on the loose

    What's not to like about saving fuel on your daily commute? Really, if you have to drive yourself to work every day, you may as well do it in the most efficient vehicle available, right? Well, at least one criminal in Arlington, Virginia seems to disagree. According to WUSA9, a local news ...

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    Report: Vandalized EV charging stations in Baltimore remain broken after 10 months

    Apparently, there's no place in Baltimore's city-management handbook (or probably any other city's, for that matter) that describes what to do when somebody goes medieval on an electric-vehicle charging station. That's perhaps why, even though the charging ports on two publicly accessible ...

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    Parisian Autolib car sharing service suffers setbacks, sells 6,000 subscriptions

    Autolib, the Parisian electric car sharing service, is not having the kind of start it had hoped for. Though the program officially kicked off in October, the rubber really hit the road in December and, since that time, 30 to 40 of the 250 Bolloré-built Bluecars in the fleet have had to be ...

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    Anti-greens now attacking and damaging Priuses?

    A few years back it was not unheard of to see incidents of vandalism and outright destruction committed against large SUVs, especially Hummer H2s. Those incidents have largely died down recently, perhaps because people feel pity for those SUV owners who can no longer afford to drive them and can't ...

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    Prius pillage pre-meditated in Petaluma

    It appears someone has it in for the Prii of Petaluma, CA. Over the past two weeks, at least half-a-dozen of the hybrids have been hunted down and had their windows shattered by bricks, rocks and a hammer. One Prius had a fender dented as well. While there doesn't appear to any sign of the attacks ...


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