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    Official: Nissan-Dongfeng's Leaf-based Venucia e30 EV goes on sale in China

    Nissan's proverbial other shoe has dropped on the other side of the world. The Japanese automaker, along with Chinese company Dongfeng, has started selling the Venucia e30 battery-electric vehicle in the world's most populous country. How the sister vehicle to the Nissan Leaf will fare remains to ...

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    Exclusive: China sold only 7,000 electric automobiles in 2013
    Sales Likely To Increase, As Total Sudsidies Can Now Total $19,500 In Some Cities 1403878500

    The goal of the plan is to have five million EVs on the roads by the end of 2020. China is already the world's largest manufacturer of electric bicycles and electric tricycles, but no less than 13 automobile manufacturers in China offered 18 different models of electric automobiles in ...

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    Report: Nissan will start promoting Venucia-branded EVs next year

    Nissan, which earlier this year said it would start making an all-electric car in China under the Venucia brand starting in 2015, is getting a jump on the promotional front for the EV. Venucia, a joint-venture between Nissan and Dongfeng, will run pilot programs in 15 China cities starting next ...

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    Beijing: Nissan's Venucia JV will build Leaf look-alike electric car in China by 2015

    Last year, Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said that the Chinese joint venture between Nissan and Dongfeng, called Venucia, would make an all-electric car in China by 2015. The news at the time was that this new EV would be something new, and not just a rebadged Nissan Leaf. But, as revealed at the ...

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    Nissan to launch electric vehicle in China by 2015

    At a press conference in Beijing, Nissan chief executive officer, Carlos Ghosn, revealed that the Nissan-Dongfeng joint venture – called Venucia – will build an electric vehicle in China. The vehicle – not a rebadged Nissan Leaf – will be exclusive to China and launch by the ...


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