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    Report: Better Place bankruptcy still causing problems for EV drivers in Hawaii

    The fallout of the Better Place bankruptcy is still being felt in Hawaii and leaving some plug-in vehicle drivers with far fewer charging opportunities than they originally suspected. According to an article in the Honolulu Star-Bulletin, OpConnect took over the Better Place charging ...

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    Volta Hammarhead electrifies Royal Enfield

    Hammarhead Volta – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We recently got the chance to get some seat time with the new 2010 Royal Enfield motorcycle, and we came away rather impressed with that machine's transformation from an old-but-charismatic 1950s design to a new-and-charismatic 1950s ...

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    EVC re-launches website, accepting deposits on bikes

    It appears as if the efforts of a new electric step-through scooter/motorbike company we first brought to your attention last Fall are finally about to bear some two-wheeled fruit. We have received word from EVC, Llc that they are now taking deposits (fully refundable) from those people who have ...

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    Is the Volta G/T a 175 mph electric motorcycle?

    We have heard some interesting claims about upcoming electric vehicles before but 175 mph for the Volta G/T (pictured above) definitely raises some eyebrows. While being interviewed by CBS4 at his offices in Boulder, CO, we heard Electric Vehicle Company (EVC) president Bill Kent state that, ...

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    The Electric Vehicle Company is set to introduce the Volta GT electric scooter

    There could be some competition for the Vectrix electric maxi-scooter coming from imaginatively-named Electric Vehicle Company. Their scooter, known as the Volta GT, is expected to make its debut at the Alternative Car Expo on October 19th. The scooter will have a switch that will allow riders to ...


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