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    Official: New world record set with 507 EVs in parade [w/video] *UPDATE
    Biggest National Drive Electric Week Celebration Is In California 1411325700

    Let's be honest, with more and more electric vehicles out in the world, it's getting easier to bring more and more of them together in one spot. Still, the work that goes into convincing over 500 EV owners to show up at one place at one time should be rewarded. And, in the case of the San ...

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    Official: Unusual EV world record attempt happening at Goodwood today

    Later today, at the Goodwood Motor Circuit in the UK, an unusual electric vehicle world record attempt will take place. The challenge? To take a particular style of EV further in 24 hours than anyone has ever gone before. The vehicle in question? A mobility scooter. Starting at 6 pm local time, ...

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    Official: 260.5 EVs set world record for electric vehicle parade [w/video]

    Norway has long led Europe in electric vehicle adoption, and now the country's EV advocates can boast of holding a new world record: the largest-ever gathering of moving electric vehicles. We are particularly amused that the record was set by 260 and a half EVs, since one of the cars was a ...

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    Official: KillaJoule 3-wheel electric motorcycle hits record 216.5 mph at Bonneville

    "My hobbies are fast cars and fast women," Cruiser famously said in Bill Murray's 1981 hit comedy "Stripes." Well, Cruiser, one out of two ain't bad. Last week, Eva Håkansson, who's been hard at work building her KillaJoule high-speed electric motorcycle for the past couple of years, set ...

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    Official: Fisker sets 'world record' with 45 Karmas charging at once in Holland

    For those existentialists who've ever wondered what's the sound of 45 Fisker Karma plug-in hybrids recharging, now we know. Forty-five Fisker Karma owners in the Netherlands staged what organizers are saying is the world's largest simultaneous re-charge of "single-brand electric ...

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    Official: Nissan Leaf aims to take world record in reverse at Goodwood

    When Nissan wants to set a speed record, you'd expect it to use the GT-R to get there. Or maybe one of its myriad racing cars – it does, after all, power the bulk of the LMP2 racers on the grid at Le Mans, not to mention the experimental DeltaWing. But the Leaf? Sure, maybe for ...

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    Video: Watch Volvo's hybrid semi-truck set a land speed record

    Volvo is taking its Mean Green hybrid truck on U.S. tour for a few months. One of the stops between Toronto Tuck World and the Volvo Ocean Race in Miami was Wendover, UT, to attempt a couple of record-breaking speed runs. Mean Green uses a 16-cylinder engine that puts out 1,900-horsepower, tied ...

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    Official: Infiniti M35h sets hybrid 1/4-mile Guinness World Record

    On Tuesday August 23, a lone 2012 Infiniti M35h ripped down the UK's rain-drenched Santa Pod Raceway and sped into the record books as the world's quickest hybrid vehicle. Driven by Tim Pollard, associate editor of the UK's Car Magazine, and overseen by Guinness World Records, the 360-horsepower ...

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    Video: 19 teenage girls cram into Smart ForTwo for new world record

    19 girls in a Smart Fortwo – Click above to watch the video after the break
    It's the question that's been racking the brains of the best and brightest the world over, and finally, we have an answer: 19. No, it's not the answer to life, the universe and everything... it's the number of ...

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    Japan EV Club creams Tesla range record with Tokyo to Osaka run

    Well that didn't last long. It's been less than a month since Simon Hackett set something of a electric vehicle distance record in his Tesla Roadster, driving 501 km (311 miles) across the hot and flat Australian outback with the windows up and the air-con off. Now comes news that the dedicated ...

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    Buckeye Bullet 2 claims land speed record for fuel cell vehicles, 300.992 mph

    We first heard about the Buckeye Bullet 2 about two years ago when we were covering the Ford Fusion 999 land speed record project. The student engineering team from The Ohio State University was collaborating with engineers from Ford and the two teams shared data on improving performance of the ...

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    227 MPH Audi A4 beats Bugatti to set world record for fastest car powered by biogas

    After a few earlier attempts were unsuccessful in setting an official record, Jürgen Hohenester, a German racecar driver and automotive tuner, has finally set a new world record for reaching the fastest speed ever recorded running a vehicle on biogas. Yes, Guiness has indeed been notified. ...

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    Junk food slows down world-record round-the-globe biker

    If you filled your car up with craptastic gasoline, it would not run very well. Something similar could be said about the human body, and if you happen to be attempting to set a new World Record for bicycling around the world, your body running poorly is quite serious indeed. According to Mark ...

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    EXCLUSIVE: E85 Viper breaks world record with 220 mph in the standing mile

    UPDATE: This was actually the third attempt for Karl and his team. So, third time's the charm! digg_url = ''; This was the second attempt for Karl Jacob and his crew to capture the world record for speed ...

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    107 miles in 24 hours sets a new human powered boating world record

    Human power strikes again. Humans have been powering themselves all over the world since we first existed. For the longest time, humans had no choice; they had to wait for the wheel to be invented before they could use such cool items as the bike, moped, scooter, car or truck. Then, air travel ...

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    Electric Killacycle to attempt world record dragstrip pass

    The Killacycle is the current world record holder for the quickest quarter mile time for any electric vehicle. It is powered by two 6.7 inch electric motors, which operate on 374 volts of lithium ion power using a custom battery pack provided by A123 Systems. The record run stands at 8.168 ...

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    Biofuel powered E85 Viper to attempt world speed record

    On Wednesday, April 11th, car enthusiast and entrepreneur Karl Jacob along with SVS will attempt to break the world speed record for the standing mile in his street-legal, biofuel powered 1100hp E85 Dodge Viper. Proving that auto enthusiasts can pursue their passion for performance and still be ...


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