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    Official: Minnesota scores first-in-US statewide EV charging discount rate
    Filling up your battery in off-peak hours will now be cheaper, by law 1402674960

    The Land of 10,000 Lakes is now No. 1 when it comes to cutting electric-vehicle recharging rates. Minnesota has become the first state in the union to require investor-owned utilities to offer consumers discounted rates for EV charging during off-peak hours. You betcha. More than 1.3 million ...

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    Ford announces Xcel Energy as first customer for Transit Connect Electric

    Ford Transit Connect Electric – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Ford and its conversion partner Azure Dynamics have announced that electric and natural gas utility Xcel Energy will be the first customer for the upcoming Transit Connect Electric. Starting late this year, Xcel will get ...

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    Minnesota passes legislation to generate 25 percent renewable energy by 2020

    The Minnesota Senate has passed their state's Renewable Energy Standard requiring Minnesota utilities to generate a minimum 25 percent of their electricity renewably by 2025. Xcel Energy is to jump the gun and aim for 30 percent renewable generation by 2020. There is a back door clause however ...

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    California's largest utility looks to the wind to power EVs

    As discussed in URGE² theory, utilising the grid to overcome the supply intermittency of renewable energy sources is a critical step in moving forward towards a green energy future. Californian utility giant Pacific Gas & Electric Co. is looking to do just that by combining the overnight ...

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    Colorado project will use wind to produce hydrogen

    As part of a $2 million joint project of Xcel Energy and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, researchers will study the idea of using wind power to help produce hydrogen. Only small amounts are expected in the beginning but the team will try to set the stage for large, commercial operations ...


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