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    Report: Toyota to build Yaris in France for North America

    Toyota has already made it abundantly clear the company intends to scale back production in Japan in an attempt to combat the ever-strengthening Yen, and now it looks as if we know one of the ways the automaker plans to do so. Toyota has announced it will manufacture U.S. and Canadian-spec Yaris ...

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    Toyota plant in Japan designed to cut energy demands

    The Yen is soaring, and that means it's costing Japanese manufacturers a lot of money to sell goods here in the United States. Some are moving areas of production to other countries, yet Toyota has decided to open its first new Japanese manufacturing facility in nearly 20 years. Toyota's newest ...

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    Strength of yen makes exporting Corolla, Yaris to U.S. unprofitable for Toyota

    2010 Toyota Yaris – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Either the strength of the dollar has hit a new low or the Japanese yen has reached an unpredicted high. Regardless of how you look at it, the yen-to-dollar exchange rate has forced Toyota to reconsider exporting its fuel efficient, ...

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    With these prices, hybrids will only be elite cars

    One of France's most prestigious newspapers, Le Monde, has published a very interesting article about the real impact and the future of green cars regarding Japanese automakers. Basically, the idea is that automakers are asking (and getting) help to develop green technologies. It quotes Carlos ...


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