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    Official: Zap returning to US with 1,000 EV fleet conversion deal

    Electric-vehicle maker Zap is ready to make its big US splash. No, really. And the China-based company has some muscle behind it from Tianjin Battery Company Ltd., also known as Lishen. Lishen reached an agreement to finance "several thousand" electric-vehicle conversions in the US so that Zap ...

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    Official: Zap readies new urban EV 'Urbee' for smoggy China

    Zap Jonway is introducing an urban electric vehicle whose name frankly makes it sound a little bit like a stuffed animal. It's called the "Urbee." Batteries are included. Zap Jonway, whose Zap parent is based in Santa Rosa, CA, and whose Jonway subsidiary is in Zhejiang, China, showed off the ...

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    Official: Zap introduces new, yet quite familiar, Sparkee EV commuter car

    If the new Zap Sparkee EV looks a bit familiar, well, you sure know your Shuanghuan Nobles - and, of course, your Smart Fortwos. Still, given China's less-than-strict rules on copyrights, Zap Jonway should be fine in bringing the past back with the new Sparkee EV. Zap says it expects to sell ...

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    Official: Zap Jonway will debut four EV models in China this year

    California-based Zap Jonway says its China-based Jonway Auto division will debut four electric-vehicle models in the world's most populous country later this year, as the company looks to capitalize on plug-in vehicle incentives from the Chinese government. Jonway will make two versions of its ...

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    Report: Zaptera says Aptera USA will push on with gas, electric versions of three-wheel vehicle

    The never-ending attempted flight of the Aptera three-wheel design continues. After years of struggles and a bankruptcy in 2011, the Aptera assets were revived last year by a Chinese company, Zap Jonway. Zaptera USA, which now owns the Aptera Motors assets, has announced that Aptera will be split ...

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    Official: Zap figures why not throw battery swap into upcoming E380 electric SUV

    Zap Jonway is trying a lot of different angles in its 380 SUV lineup. Not only can you buy the A380 SUV CNG hybrid version with extended range, now you can swap out batteries in the upcoming E380 SUV battery electric version, as well. And get this – you don't even have to do the battery ...

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    Official: Zap Xebra hit by recall for faulty brake system

    The Zap Xebra. Wow. There's a vehicle we haven't written about in a long, long while. Don't get your hopes up Zap fans (by which we mean Zapp Brannigan, of course), because even though we're doing so now, the news isn't good. Almost 700 units, all produced during the 2008 model year, are being ...

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    Beijing: Zaptera! The Aptera 2e resurfaces in China as Zap Jonway product *UPDATE

    You know that feeling you get when, after a few years, you remeet your biggest crush from high school and begin fantasizing about actually hooking up for real, only to be jerked back to harsh reality by the appearance of their present paramour? Well then, that is the emotional roller coaster we ...

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    Zap bringing electric taxi, Alias to Shanghai Auto Show; promises production later this year

    About a year ago, we got our first glimpse of the electric taxi from Zap. There were hints in that vehicle about what was to happen: the taxi was an electrified version of a Jonway A380 SUV, which itself was a knock-off of the second-gen Toyota Rav4. In July 2010, Zap and Jonway officially ...

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    Zap merges with China's Jonway Automobile

    We'll level with you on this one. We all know that Zap has seemingly had some, ahem... interesting business practices in the past. And we're not really sure what to make of this latest news, either. With that in mind, here's the main point: Zap has merged (or bought, depending on your viewpoint) ...

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    Zap announces order for 100 electric SUVs in Korea; will they deliver?

    Zap's electric SUV – Click above for high-res image
    What is Samyang, a Korean company known for its camera lenses, doing ordering 100 electric vehicles (EVs) from Zap, the electric car company with a less-than-stellar record of actually delivering full-fledged EVs? Who knows, but that's ...


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