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    AMPLE, Zero ink deal to sell electric motorcycles in Asia

    2009 Zero S electric motorcycle - Click above for high-res image gallery
    The slightly beleaguered Zero Motorcycle (see here and here) has some good news to share: a new partnership with AMPLE to distribute their all-electric two-wheelers in Asian markets. The Singapore-based AMPLE will represent ...

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    Recall Notice: 2009 Zero X and MX called back for malfunctioning throttles

    Zero Motorcycles and the Consumer Product Safety Commission have issued a voluntary recall notice for all 2009 Zero X and Zero MX electric motorcycles. Apparently, the problem surrounds the bike's throttle assembly, which can reportedly become disconnected or get stuck in the wide-open position. ...

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    Zero Motorcycles delays shipment of 2009 S due to overheating motors

    2009 Zero S electric motorcycle - Click above for high-res image gallery
    After getting a tip regarding a possible delay on the 2009 Zero S electric motorcycle, we contacted the company for confirmation. It seems that the original motor used in the S model was prone to overheat under certain ...

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    Zero Motorcycles nabs EPA Certificate of Conformity, gets rated at 455 mpg

    Zero Motorcycles DS - Click above for high-res image gallery
    We still think it's a wee bit odd that electric motorcycles need a Certificate of Conformity from the Environmental Protection Agency, but that is indeed the case and Zero Motorcycles has issued a press release indicating that its ...

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    Zero X gets a mid-cycle refresh

    Zero X electric dirtbike with revised bodywork - Click above to enlarge
    Shortly after taking the 2009 Zero X electric dirtbike out for a spin, we had the opportunity to chat with company founder and Chief Technology Officer Neal Saiki, and he told us to expect a slight makeover within the next few ...

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    Tazzari releases more details on Zero electric city car

    Click above for a gallery of Zero images
    Back in the '50s, the Fiat 500 and the Piagio Vespa revolutionized motorized transport in Italy. The Tazzari Zero could be the next step, putting electric power in a stylish and affordable package available to the masses. We've been following the ...

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    Could discovery of space aliens lead to doubling your Zero X range?

    Imagine this. You are on your Zero X electric motorcycle enjoying a brisk ride along your favorite wooded trail. You reach a clearing and in the morning mist you are surprised to find a family of space aliens enjoying a quiet picnic in front of their parked UFO. Not wanting to learn the hard way ...

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    Tazzari Group teases with flashes of Zero, the Italian city car

    An Italian company has set up a Flash-based web site to inform the world of their upcoming city car. Although images of the lithium ion-powered two-seater are only briefly glimpsed during the techno-accompanied presentation, using the power of Photoshop we were able to improve your ability to get a ...

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    VIDEO: Jay Leno gets the Zero X in his garage

    Jay Leno often gets to try some pretty sweet rides but this week's featured machine was cool AND green. It's not the first electric two-wheeler to drop by the the late-night comedian's automotive haunt but the Zero X electric off-road motorcycle is arguably the coolest. As Jay explains in the ...


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